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Issue 22(2012)

Number 1
Authoritie’s Greetings

Mauro TOSTI CROCE (Italy), President of the Assembly of the IIAS: Welcome address
Franci DEMŠAR (Slovenia), Director of the Slovenian Research Agency, Ljubljana: Welcome address


Peter Pavel KLASINC (Slovenia), Director of the IIAS: Activities of the International Institute for Archival Science, Trieste – Maribor during October 2011 to October 2012
Charles KECKSEMETI (France), Former General Director of ICA: Summary of the papers presented at the 2011 Conference of IIAS and published in “Atlanti” 2011
Patricija JANKOVIC (Slovenia): Public Admission of Archival Studies in Slovenia: from Utopia to Reality

Modern Archival Buildings

Peter Pavel KLASINC (Slovenia): New or Adapted Archive Buildings: Today and Tomorrow
Josef HANUS – Emília HANUSOVÁ (Slovak Republik): Appropriate Archival Building: Necessity for Proper Function of Any Archives
Snežana PEJOVIC – Aleksandra KAPETANOVIC (Montenegro): Kotor Historical Archives Inside a Heritage Building. Advantages and Disadvantages
Elisabeth SCHÖGGL-ERNST (Austria): New and New Adapted Archival Buildings in Austria
Jedert VODOPIVEC TOMAŽIC (Slovenia): Results of the Risk Assessment in Archival Repositories
Michal WANNERVladimir OPELA (Czec Republik): New Buildings of the National Film Archives in Prague
Christian KRUSE (Germany): New Buildings, Adaptations, Passive Houses. Archival Buildings in Germany in the Recent Past
Azem KOŽAR (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Archival Objects in Bosnia and Herzegovina: (Current) State and Prospects
Sejdalija GUŠIC (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Wartime Destructions, and Post-War Revitalization and Adaptations of the Facilities of Historical Archive Sarajevo
Zdenka SEMLIC RAJH (Slovenia): Archival Buildings in Slovenia
Refike SÜLÇEVSI (Kosovo): Archival Buildings in Kosovo
Danijela BRANKOVIC (Serbia): The Archives of Vojvodina: Archive Building, Space and Equipment in the Funktion of Protecting of Archival Material
Jasmina NIKOLIC (Serbia): Sustained Vision, a View from the Historical Archive of Pozarevac, Serbia
Jovan P. POPOVIC (Serbia): Legal and Archival Regulations on Building a New Archival Facility or Adaptation of Existing Ones
Izet ŠABOTIC (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Protection of Arhival Material Inside Archival Building Located in Sinking Zone: Experiences of the Archive in Tuzla
Andrea MEVORACH – Stefania RUFFA (Italia): Presentation of Real Estate Fund “Lucrezio”: “Turnkey” High-tech Archives

Number 2
The management of records in new media

Grazia TATÒ (Italy): New Media or New Archivists?
Andrei RYBAKOU (Belarus): The Expierence of Managering Documents on New Media in Belarus: Modern Challenges to Archives
Gianni PENZO DORIA (Italy): Impact on Document Management of Administrative Streamlining
Yolanda CAGIGAS OCEJO (Spain): The Role of Professional Associations in the Training on the Management of Electronic Records
Aurélien CONRAUX (France): From Information to Progress: How an Audit of Electronic Information Management May Contribute to the Overall Efficiency of an Organization
Živana HEÐBELI, Croatia: E-Records Management in Croatia
Robert NAHUET (Canada): The Use of Thematic Research Guide for Resource Discovery
Miroslav NOVAK (Slovenia): Relationship and Impact of the Record Management Systems in to the Archival Information Systems
Spyridoula ARATHYMOU (Greek): Long Life Training for Archivists. A Present and Future Challenge
Andreia NOVO – Ema RAMALHEIRA ROCHA – Leonor CALVÃO BORGES (Portugal): Describing and Preserving Documents in a Museum’s Archive: a Multidisciplinary Approach to Integration, Digitization and Availability of Electronic Records in the National Museum of Ancient Art
Catherine HOBBS (Canada): Interpreting Personal Digital Contexts in Light of Behaviour and Mindset: Approaches and Strategies
Lauri LEHT (Estonia): Helping Archivists to Receive Records From ERMS into the Digital Archive Using Semi-automated Adjustable Software
Magdalena MAROSZ (Poland): Archive of Electronic Documents and Electronic Archives Management
Cristina BIANCHI (Switzerland): A Summary of International Archival Practice Adapted to Local Level: Practical Manual Explaining the Basics of Implementing Records Management in Small Municipalities
Endrit MUSAJArdiana TOPI (Albania): E-Archiving, the Future and Our Challenges
Sergey V. SILKOV (Belarus): Creation of Terminological Resources for Record Management, Terminology Science and Information Retrieval As Well As Terminological Dictionary
Bogdan Florin POPOVICI, Romania: Classification Scheme And/Or Aggregation Scheme? A View Based on a Romanian Case


Antonio MONTEDURO (Italy): The ICA Principles of Access to Archives
Patricija JANKOVIČ (Slovenia): Risk Management in Public-Private Projects in the Field of Archival Services
David LEITCH (Francia): Challenges Facing Archives in the 21st Century: the Response of the International Council on Archives
Peter Pavel KLASINC (Slovenia): Prof. Dr. Grazia Tatò, From High Professionalism Through a Relationship of Connection and Friendship to a Personal Sympathy for the International Institute for Archival Science (IIAS)


Mikhail V. LARIN (Russia): The Experience of Electronic Records Management in the Russian Federation

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