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The activities of the IIAS
The main activity of the IIAS is the International Archival Day. From 1991 an official magazine called “Atlanti” has been issued, dedicated to the topics on archives. In 2007 the first year of the Autumn Archival School was organized, a post graduate course held from October 16th to 23rd and hosted by the International Centre for Theoretical Physics of Trieste. Other top activities of the IIAS are the “Glossary of Local Therminology of History”, issued in 1995 in German, Italian and Slovenian; the 1996 International Course on Archival Science; the 1998 Course on Digital Management of Archives; the 2000 International Archival Day held in Trieste together with the local Municipality, attended by the same Major Mr. Illy and more than 200 participants.

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