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International Institute for Archival Science

International Institute for Archival Science – IIAS finds its origins in the Center on technical and professional problems in archives founded in 1986 on the initiative of Dr. Peter Pavel Klasinc, at the time director of the Pokrajinski Arhiv in Maribor as well as organizer of the Radenci archival meetings, conferences involving the area of the then Yugoslavia open to the participation, over time, of increasingly large numbers of archivists from foreign states such as Austria, Italy , Hungary, etc. It was precisely due to this ever-increasing participation of foreign professionals that it was decided to found an autonomous international institute that would deal with the technical and professional problems of archival matters with particular attention to the Balkan-Danubian geographical area in order to improve quality and professionalism. of services offered, all also through the contribution of the experience of the countries with the most established archival tradition such as Austria, Germany and Italy, as well as the initiatives promoted at an international level by the International Council of Archives

The conferences of the International Institute for Archival Science

The main activity of the Institute is the organization of the annual conference which sees the participation, not only of the members of the Institute, but also of scholars, researchers and professionals in the archival field coming mainly from European but also non-European countries.

The school of the International Institute for Archival Science

On 16 October 2007, the Autumn Archival School of the International Institute of Archival Sciences of Trieste and Maribor was inaugurated. The initiative involved a group of 25 people from 10 different countries (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Hungary). As part of the post-graduate training course in archival science and electronic document management, issues related to the profession and archival ethics, European and international legislation on document management, the issue linked to computerization and to the production and conservation of the electronic document. The project of a multilingual dictionary of technical-archival terminology has also been launched. The lessons ended on Tuesday 23 October, while the course concluded during the XVII International Archives Day (24 October 2007).

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