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The International Institute for Archival Science of Trieste and Maribor
The International Institute for Archival Science – IIAS stems from the Centre for Technical and Professional Problems in Archives founded in 1986 on the initiative of Mr. Peter Pavel Klasinc, director general of the Pokrajinski Arhiv in Maribor and organizer of the archival meetings in Radenci concerning the former Republic of Yugoslavia but open to the participation of an increasing number of archivists coming from foreign countries such as Austria, Hungary, Italy, etc. Because of this always increasing participation of foreign professionals it was decided to found an autonomous international institute to deal with the technical and professional problems linked to archival matters, taking in special consideration the Balkan-Danube area and having the purpose to improve the quality and the professionalism in providing archival services, and taking advantage of the contributions from the more advanced countries in the field of archival science, i.e. Austria, Germany, Italy and taking also advantage of the international initiatives promoted by the International Council on Archives – ICA.
After the political events that took part during the end of the 20th century many new states reached the Centre, which in 1992 was reorganized and renamed as International Institute for Archival Science – IIAS.
During the yearly meeting in 1989 it was decided to issue a publication devoted to the problems in the field of archival science, a publication named “Atlanti” that started to be printed in 1991 and to become one year after the official paper of the International Institute for Archival Science – IIAS.
Among the most remarkable initiatives of the Institute a special mention deserves the “Glossary of regional historical terminology”, edited in 1995 in German, Italian and Slovene text; the International Course of archival technique held in 1996, in which high level students coming from many European and non-European countries took part; the meeting in 1998 dedicated to the use of informatics in the field of archives; the International Day held in 2000 in Trieste with the co-organization of the Municipality in which nearly two hundred people took part, being among them the same Mayor Illy.
Ad result of a protocol signed with Italian Ministry for Cultural Good – Department for Archives and Libraries, from October 2005 the International Institute for Archival Science – IIAS is hosted by the Italian State Archives in Trieste, and gathers at the present twenty member countries: Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Montenegro, Poland, Slovak Republic, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine.

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