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Issue 31(2021)

Number 1: Archives and Users

Peter Pavel KLASINC (Slovenia), Archival Sciences Between Users and Appraisal
Grazia TATÒ (Italy), Let us Challenge the Future
Aliya MUSTAFINA (Kazakistan), Virtual Reading Rooms in Kazakhstan’s Archives
Mikhail V. LARIN (Russia), Information Technology as a Tool for Interaction Between Archives and Users
Yolanda CAGIGAS OCEJO, Inés IRURITA HERNÁNDEZ, Esther ESLAVA OCHOA (Spain), The Service to the Teaching of the General Archive of the University of Navarra
Markus SCHMALZL (Germany), New Aspects of Making Archival Material Accessible and Using It
Grigory N. LANSKOY (Russia), Archives as Source and Instrument of Digital Economy
Tamara ŠTEFANAC (Croatia), Reaching Out to the Peer Community: Measuring Impact of Social Media Campaigns
Younis Musallam AL JASSASI, Said Sultan Bani ORABA (Oman Sultanat), Experience of National Records and Archives Authority in Enable their Archival Collections
Giulia CAMPANELLI, Francesca NEMORE, Sara PUCILLO, Giulia VILLANI (Italy), Archivists and Users at the Time of Covid19: Towards New Forms of Mediation
Boštjan DORNIK (Slovenia), The Influence of Television Playout Systems on Quality Professional Processing of Television Documentary and Archival Material
Manja KONKOLIČ (Slovenia), Attitude Towards Confidential Documents Among the Creators of Archival Material
Dimitrij REJA (Slovenia), Possibilities of Synergistic Effects of Artificial Intelligence and Metadata
Robert PARNICA (Hungary), Digital Curated Collections, Invisible Users and Archival Disintermediation
Tijana RUPČIĆ (Serbia), Limits of Confidentiality: Arguments for and Against Disclosing Documents Containing Personal Data in Archival Holdings: Physicians for Human Rights Case Study
Antonio MONTEDURO (Italy), Talking Archives: Some Brief Observations from a Lecture About IIAS Online Dictionary of Archival Terminology

Number 2: Archives and Challenge of Disposal Procedure

Pekka HENTTONEN (Finland), Development of Finnish Archival Appraisal
Bogdan-Florin POPOVICI (Romania), Some Considerations on Archival for Permanent Records in Romania
Elisabeth SCHÖGGL-ERNST (Austria), Appraisal of Digital Information: Some Considerations
Andrei RYBAKOU (Belarus), Appraisal of Electronic Documents: Criteria and Stages
Stefano ALLEGREZZA (Italy), “We are What We Choose to Keep”: Reflections on Appraisal Practices in Personal Archives
Dimitri BRUNETTI (Italy), File Thinning in Archive in the Context of the Digital Transformation of the Italian Public Administration
Liudmila VARLAMOVA (Russia), New Approach to Systematization of Documents for Determining their Retention Period
Sarvesh SINGH (India), Archives and the Challenges of Appraisal Practices
Maria PAPANIKOLAOU (Egypt), Towards an Appraisal and Selection Framework for the Digital Records of the American University in Cairo (AUC)
Jelka MELIK, Aida ŠKORO BABIĆ (Slovenia), Determination of Records for Permanent Preservation in Legal Acts of EU and EU Member States
Nina SOTELŠEK (Slovenia), The Role of Participatory Practices in Heritage Institutions
Anja PRŠA (Slovenia), Process of Appraisal for Business Records
Gianni PENZO DORIA (Italy), Data Disposal, Records Appraisal
Aliya MUSTAFINA (Kazakistan), The Problem of Appraisal of Digital Records


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