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For the 7th consecutive year, the IIAS organizes the Autumn Archival School, this year taking place from October 21st to 26th.
The first two days will be dedicated to the 23rd Archival International Day at the conference hall of the NH Hoteles. The opening of the School will take place on October 23rd at the State Archives of Trieste. The lecture will continue on Thursday and Friday morning at the ISI classroom, University of Trieste, and then will move again on Friday afternoon to the State Archives of Trieste for a workshop about the organization of a cultural event. Finally, on Saturday, after visiting a cultural institution in the city, the ceremony of the certificates of participation will take place at the State archives of Trieste.
The participation of the young archivists is, as usual, at the invitation of the IIS Executive Committee.

Agenda School 2013

Date and venue
October 21st-22nd, NH Hotel (Trieste, Corso Cavour 7 – 23rd International Archival Day); October 23rd-26th, State Archives of Trieste (Via A. La Marmora 17) and University of Trieste (Divisione ISI – Via Valerio 12)

– History of archives and archival science from 1950 onwards
– Communication to young generations and among cultural heritage institutions
English, Italian, Slovenian. If necessary translation in other languages may be provided.
Countries and participants

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Siniša Domazet, Nena Maslo, Aleksandra Pijuk-Pejčić
Croatia: Renata Horvat, Ljerka Vuk
Estonia: Kaia Ivask, Kristel Tammik
Italy: Chiara Artico, Antonietta Colombatti, Annalisa Filippo, Sarah Lillini, Paola Valentin
Hungary: Anton Avar, Tamas Csáki
Macedonia: Dimitar Bogeski, Nikola Mitrovik, Svetlana Usprcova
Montenegro: Jelena Strahinja
Oman Sultanate: Hamed Al-Saadi, Ishaq Al-Saqri
Romania: Mihaela Popoi
Russia: Elena Savostina, Nina Zvereva
Serbia: Nataša Milosevic Dulic
Slovenia: Hana Habjan, Luka Mezek, Anja Paulič, Vanja Pfajfar
Ukraine: Olena Us


October 20th, Sunday

from 3.00 p.m. arrival of participants and teachers; registration (NH Hoteles – Corso Cavour 7 – Trieste tel. +39 040 7600055 – e-mail:

October 21st, Monday
9 a.m. – 6.30 p.m. Participation in the 23rd International Archival Day (see the agenda) at NH Hoteles – Trieste

October 22nd, Tuesday
9 a.m. -5.30 p.m. Participation in the 23rd International Archival Day (see the agenda) at NH Hoteles – Trieste

October 23rd, Wednesday
(State Archives of Trieste)

9 a.m.
Welcome ceremony and opening of the 7th IIAS Autumn Archival School 2013 at State Archive of Trieste
General introduction and presentation of the IIAS: dr. Peter Pavel Klasinc, director of the IIAS
Presentation of the IIAS Autumn Archival School: dr. Grazia Tatò, director of the IIAS Autumn Archival School
Participants’ self introduction

10.30-11.30 a.m. dr. Giulia BARRERA (Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo): Archives on the war.
11.30-12.30 a.m. dr. Francis GARABA
12.30-1.30 p.m. dr. Miroslav NOVAK (Pokrajinski arhiv Maribor)
2.30-4.30 p.m. Lectures on archival sources for the history of World War One

October 24th, Thursday
(University of Trieste)

9 a.m.-1 p.m. dr. Mariella GUERCIO: workshop on archival software Sinapsi by GAP s.r.l. (
2.30-4.30 p.m. Mr. Antonio MONTEDURO (CEI – Central European Initiative Executive Secretariat): translation of the definitions of the IIAS Dictionary of Archival Terminology
October 25th, Friday
(morning: University of Trieste, afternoon: State Archives of Trieste)

9-10 a.m. dr. Josef HANUS (Technical Director, SANOSIL SK)
10-11 a.m. dr. Helina TENNASILM (National Archives of Estonia)
11-12 a.m. Mag. Zdenka SEMLIC RAJH (Pokrajinski arhiv Maribor)
2.30-6 p.m. Workshop at State Archive of Trieste on exhibitions, catalogues, guided visits (dr. Klasinc, dr. Tatò, Mag. Semlic Rajh)
October 26th, Saturday
9 a.m. Visit to the Chapter archive in the Cathedral of San Giusto, to the Cathedral, and to the Lapidary Garden
2.30 p.m. Certification of attendance ceremony, photos, closure
4.30-7.30 p.m. Free time

October 27th, Sunday
Departure of the participants
For informations:

For informations during the school: Mr. Antonio MONTEDURO, Mobile +39 331 8469683
Due to circumstances, the organizers will be allowed to change the programme

dr. Grazia TATÒ
Phone +39 040 0647921
dr. Peter Pavel KLASINC
Mobile 00386 41673785

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