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Meeting 2016
is organising the 26th International Archival Day, to be held in Trieste on October 24th – 25th, 2016, where professionals and scholars of the field, coming from all over the world, will meet and debate about the following topics:
1. Data protection (privacy, sensitive data, legal protection) ;
2. Using archives (scientific use, legal use, public use (exhibitions, publications, conferences etc.).

The Conference will be followed by the 10th IIAS Autumn Archival School, that will continue until Friday, October 29th, 2016.

24th-25th October 2016


1) Data protection (privacy, sensitive data, legal protection)
2) Using archives (scientific use, legal use, public use (exhibitions, publications, conferences etc.)

English, Italian, Slovenian

Date and venue
24th-25th October 2016, NH Hotels (Trieste, corso Cavour 7)


Monday, October 24th NH Hotels NH Hotels (Trieste, corso Cavour 7)

Opening – Greetings of the Authorities – Introduction to the Meeting

Peter Pavel KLASINC, Slovenia
Director of the International Institute for Archival Science of Trieste and Maribor
Giulia BARRERA, Italy
President of the Assembly of the Members of the IIAS and General Directorate od Archives of Ministry of goods and cultural acitivities and tourism
Bojan CVELFAR, Slovenia
Director of the Archives of the Republic Slovenia
Grazia TATÒ, Italy
Director of the IIAS Autumn Archival School
Ludvik TOPLAK, Slovenia
President of Alma Mater Europaea – The European Center Maribor
József GYÖRKÖS, Slovenia
Director of the Slovenian Research Agency
Liliana BAGALÀ, Italy
Director of State Archives of Trieste
Jonathan RHYS-LEWIS, United Kingdom
Chair of the ICA Expert Group – Archive Buildings & Environment

Charles KECSKEMETI, France
Former Secretary general of ICA
Summary of the Papers Presented at the 2015 Conference of IIAS and Published in “Atlanti” 25(2015)

General introduction

Peter Pavel KLASINC, Slovenia
Director of the IIAS
Archives – Guardians of the Truth: Between Data Protection and Use of Archives

Topic 1: Data protection (privacy, sensitive data, legal protection)

Grazia TATÒ, Italy: Archives in the Clouds
Miroslav NOVAK, Slovenia: Traditional and a New Paradigm of Protection of Sensitive Data in the Archives
Cristina BIANCHI, Switzerland:  Archives on “Stolen” Childhood: Sensitive Files Finally Described and Opened, if Still Existing…
Zdenka SEMLIČ RAJH, Slovenia: Users and Search in Archival Databases
Andrei RYBAKOU, Belarus: Publications of Archival Documents and Archival Science
Eléonore ALQUIER, France: Data Management at the French National Audiovisual Institute (INA)
Elena ROMANOVA, Russia: Regulation of Access to Personal Data in the Archives: Issues, Trends and Challenges
Snežana PEJOVIĆ, Montenegro: Role and Duty of an Archivist in the Chain of Social Responsibility for the Protection of Confidential Information and Personal Data
Kinga MAJEWSKA, Poland: The Changes in the Policy of Access to the Documents of the Institute of National Remembrance in the Open Government Era in the Context of the Protection of Personal and Sensitive Data
Antonio MONTEDURO, Italy: Between European GDPR and Italian FOIA: New Regulations on Data Protection and Right to Access
Aida ŠKORO BABIĆ, Slovenia: Successful and Effective Data Protection: a Myth or Achievable Task?
Siniša DOMAZET, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Confidential Records in the Archives of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Access and Protection

13.30 – 14.30 Lunch

Topic 2: Using archives (scientific use, legal use, public use (exhibitions, publications, conferences etc.)

Elisabeth SCHÖGGL-ERNST, Austria : The Change of User Profile in the Styrian Provincial Archives
Alizata KOUDA, Burkina Faso: Archives to Meet Users
Živana HEÐBELI, Croatia: Consulting Archives: Contribution to the Discussion Based on Experience of Croatian State Archives
Flavio CARBONE – Francesca NEMORE, Italy: Archives Between Public Use and Privacy Protection: Personnel Archives Restoration and Access
Dieter SCHLENKER, Germany: The Historical Archives of the European Union in Florence: Research in a Multilingual and Transnational Archives
Azem KOŽAR, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Use of Published Archival Material: Experiences of Archives in Bosnia and Hercegovina
Mikhail LARIN, Russia: Archives in the Internet Space
Pétria de VAAL-SENEKAL, South Africa: Ensuring Optimal Use of Archives by Facilitating Effective Records Management Practices at Offices of Origin with Specific Reference to South Africa
Christian KRUSE, Germany: The Charm of the Original: Archival Exhibitions
Jonathan RHYS-LEWIS, Great Britain: The Maintenance of Archive Collections in Times of Constricting Budgets: Some Alternative Approaches under Development on the UK
Svetlana PEROVIĆ IVOVIĆ, Serbia: Challenge of Exhibiting Archival Materials, Role of Conservator and Exhibiting Conditions in Archives of Yugoslavia

Round table and discussion
17.30 closing session

Tuesday, October 25th NH Hotels – Trieste, 7 c. Cavour

Izet ŠABOTIĆ, Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Importance and Role of Archival Material in General Range of Historical Studies (Bosnian-Herzegovian Experience)
Ana-Felicia DIACONU, Romania: Legal Use of Archives in Romania after 1989: Impact and Effects on the Institution of National Archives
Jelka MELIK – Mateja JERAJ, Slovenia: The Diverse Use of Archives of the Third Branch of State Power
Peter J. SCHEIBNER, United State of America: Rockland County On-Line Index Book Software Unearths Eighteenth Century Land Records for Use by the Legal Community, Historians and the General Public
Jasna POŽGAN – Ivana POSEDI, Croazia: Archival Records of Public Administration in the Period Between 1945 to 1952: Significance and Use
Marie RYANTOVÁ, Czech Republic: Using Archives in the Czech Republic as an Important Formative Factor of Historical Awareness and a Means of Providing Publicity For Archives: Archival Exhibitions
H. Inci ÖNAL, Turkey: Archives as Builders of Civic Partnerships
Bruna LA SORDA, Italy: Adopt a Record: a Shared and Participated Project Model Concerning the Legal Protection and the Communication of the State Archives of Genoa Holdings
Abdulmohsin Said AL HINAI, Sultanat Oman: Archives and its Role in Preserving the Nation Memory: Legal and Scientific Use of the Records and the Role of National Records and Archives Authority in Oman as a Model
Magdalena MAROSZ, Poland: The Internet Service “Search in the Archives”: New Possibilities for Using Archival Materials
Francis GARABA, South Africa: Lutheran Theological Education in an Ecumenical and Multicultural Setting: Public Use of Archives and Perceptions at the Lutheran Theological Institution (LTI) Library, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Josef HANUS – Emília HANUSOVÁ, Slovak Republic: Public Use of Rare Archives and Valuable Library Documents

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch

Elena SERRANO GARCÍA, Spain: Dissemination Plan of the Documentary Heritage: The Banco de España Architecture Plan Project (1858-2006)
Tim HARRIS, Great Britain: The Scientific Use of Archives: Case Studies from London Metropolitan Archives Highlighting the Importance of STEMBranka DOKNIC, Serbia: Using of Archives in Scientific Purposes: the Archives of Yugoslavia
Bogdan Florin POPOVICI, Romania: Medievalia: a Place Where Archival Science and History Meet and Then Separate Again
Svetlana USPRCOVA, Macedonia: Use of Archive Material in the State Archives of the Republic of Macedonia and its Publishing Activity
Omer ZULIĆ, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Importance of Cultural and Educational Activities for Openness and Affirmation of Archives in Society (Experiences of the Archive of Tuzla Canton)

Round table and discussion
16.00 closing session

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