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The 21st IIAS International Archival Day took place on November 7th and 8th at the Conference Hall of the NH Hotel (Corso Cavour, 7 – Trieste). The topics chosen by the Assembly of the IIAS Members were: 1) European projects on archives and 2) archives in modern society (role, development, future) . As usual, the conference was compulsory for the IIAS Autumn Archival School, this year at its 5th edition.

7th -8th November 2011


1) European projects on archives (experiences, plans, future)
2) Archives in the present-day society (role, development and future)

English, Italian, Slovenian

Dates and Venue
November 7th-8th, NH Hoteles (Trieste, 7 c. Cavour)


Monday, November 7th
9.00 – Opening – Authoritie’s Greetings – Introduction to the Meeting

Luciano SCALA (Italy), Director of the General Directorate of Archives Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities: Welcome address
Franci DEMŠAR (Slovenia), Director of the Slovenian Research Agency, Ljubljana: Welcome address
Frank KANGLER (Slovenia), Mayor of Maribor: Welcome address
Roberto COSOLINI (Italy), Mayor of Trieste
Antonio DENTONI LITTA (Italy), President of the Assembly of the IIAS: Welcome address
Aldo SPARTI (Italy),  General Directorate of Archives Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities: Welcome address
David LEITCH (Scotland), Secretary General of ICA
Marko FILLI (Slovenia), General director Radio Televizija Slovenija: Welcome address

Report from IIAS

Peter Pavel KLASINC (Slovenia), Director of the IIAS: Activities of the International Institute for Archival Science, Trieste – Maribor during October 2010 to November 2011
Charles KECKSEMETI (France), Former General Director of ICA: Summary of the papers presented at the 2010 Conference of IIAS and published in “Atlanti” 2010

Topic 1: European projects on archives (experiences, plans, future)

Grazia TATÒ (Italy): Tourism, Cheese and…Archives! Which European Projects?
Christine MARTINEZ (France) – Patricia WHATLEY (Great Britain): The European Competency Model Framework: Shape your own Archivist
Marie-Claude DELMAS (France): The Scientific, Cultural and Educational Project of French National Archives
Michal WANNER Jiří BERNAS (Czech Republic): Long-term preservation of digital records in the Czech Republic and the National Digital Archives project
Yolanda CAGIGAS OCEJO José María MORELL OLIVER (Spain): The Electronic Records: Boosting the Efficiency of the Institutions Government: the Case of ARCHIVIUN
Olivera PORUBOVIĆ-VIDOVIĆ (Serbia): Microfilm Digitization: Lessons Learned From Ongoing Project
Josef HANUS Emilia HANUSOVA (Slovak Republic): Some European Projects and International Cooperation in Preservation of Cultural Heritage
Helina TENNASILM (Estonia): Overview of the EU-Funded Digitization Projects in the National Archives of Estonia
Caroline MAXIMOFF (Austria): ICARUS – International Centre for Archival Research – Cultural Projects and Activities on a European Level

13.30 Lunch


Topic 2: Archives in the present-day society (role, development and future)

Peter Pavel KLASINC (Slovenia): Curriculum of the Archives in States/Societies
Anne GILLILAND (United States of America) – Sue McKEMMISH (Australia): Pluralising the Archives in the Multiverse: A Report on Work in Progress
Azem KOŽAR (Bosnia and Herzegovina): The Establishment of the Archives of International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague: Aspects From the Viewpoint of Archival Science
Christian KRUSE (Germany): The Useful Detail. Archives as Stores of Information in Present-day Society
Michail V. LARIN (Russia): Archives in Modern Russia: Problems and Prospects
Cristina BIANCHI (Switzerland): Evolution of Archival Education in a Small But Complex Country Called Switzerland: Multipurpose and Threefold Approach
Danijela BRANKOVIC (Serbia): Marketing in Archives Services: Term and Application
Marijan GERDEJ (Slovenia): Outline of the Archives and Records and their Evaluation in the Present Day Society
Živana HEĐBELI (Croazia): Archives in the Country in Transition

Tuesday, November 8th

Luciano SCALA (Italy), Director of the General Directorate of Archives Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities: Presentation of the “Portal of the Territory”
Spyridoula ARATHYMOU (Greek): A Better World is Possible… The Social and Educational Role of Historical Industrial Archives
Magdalena MAROSZ (Poland): What the State Archives and the State Archivists in Poland are Today and Which Role they Perform
Francisco Javier AGUADO GONZÁLEZ Inés IRURITA HERNÁNDEZ (Spain): The Role of Personal Archives as Support for the Research of the Recent History
Antonio RATTI Sonia GALASSO (Italy): From the INA Historical Archives two intervention of social policy, the Mutual Fund Pensions of Turin and the Plan of INA CASA
Ilana BUDOWSKI (Israel): Transition From the Analog to the Digital Era: Coping With Loss of Archival Information in Israel
Snezana PEJOVIC (Montenegro): Does a Modern Archivist Hold Archival Profession in its Hands? Opportunities and Limitations
Andrei RYBAKOU (Belarus): Belarusian Archives in the Modern Society
Jelka MELIK Mateja JERAJ (Slovenia): Archives in the Present-Day Society
Elisabeth SCHÖGGL-ERNST (Austria): Archives in the Future: Considerations and Strategies
Antonio MONTEDURO (Italy): Instruments of Democracy: Archives in the Present-Day European Society
Milan SELAN (Slovenia): The Role of the Civil Society Associations in the Development of the Archives’ Know-How
Zdenka SEMLIČ RAJH (Slovenia): Higher Quality of Archival Information: Better Services for Users
Bogdan Florin POPOVICI (Romania): National Archives of Romania and Archival Strategies: A Brief Historical Analysis

13.00 Lunch


Jovan POPOVIC (Serbia): Position, Impact and Role of Archival Legislation in the Society in all Segments of its Development
Miroslav NOVAK (Slovenia): Opprtunites and Pitfalls af Communication Channels Between Archives and Modern Society
Majella Marjorie TAN MARQUEZ (Malesia): Archives Facelift: an Aeon Of Transformation
Leonor CALVÃO BORGES (Portugal): Democracy, governance, citizenship and archives in Portugal

Topic 3: Miscellany

Jean Paul NDAYISABA (Burundi): Burundi Archives in the Present Day Society
Izet ŠABOTIĆ (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Modern Archives and Hybrid Archiving: Advantages, Importance and Protection. Experiences of the Archive of Tuzla Canton with Process of Hybrid Archiving of Funds and Collections Declared as National Cultural Monuments
Alenka ŠAUPERL (Slovenia): The Role of Controlled Vocabularies in Information Databases
Massimo COLOMBO (Italy): Presentation of the “Consorzio Humana Res”

Round table and discussion
16.00 closing session

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