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The Executive Board of the IIAS established that the 20th International Archival Day will be held on October 11th and 12th at the conference hall of the NH Hotel (Corso Cavour, 7 – Trieste). The topics the Assembly of the Official Members chose for this year edition are the national legislations on archives and the web sites dedicated to the archives. The International Archival Day will be as usual integral part of the 4th edition of the IIAS Autumn Archival School.

For hotel information or booking, please contact:
Trieste Traduzioni Congressi srl
Galleria Protti, 2
tel. +39 040371678
fax +39 040370634
Here under the map to reach the seat of  meeting from the railway station and the agenda.

11th -12th  October 2010
1) archival legislation
2) web sites dedicated to archives
English, Italian, Slovenian
Dates and Venue
October 11th-12th, NH Hotel (Trieste, 7 c. Cavour)
Monday October 11th
9.00 – Opening – Authorities’ greetings – Introduction to the meeting

SCALA Luciano (Italy), Director of the General Directorate of Archives. Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities: Welcome address
DENTONI LITTA Antonio (Italy), President of the Assembly of the IIAS: Welcome address
TATÒ Grazia (Italy), Director of the State Archive of Trieste
LEITCH David, (Great Britain), Secretary General of ICA
DEMŠAR Franci (Slovenia), Director of the Slovenian Research Agency in Lubiana: Welcome address
KLASINC Peter Pavel (Slovenia), Director  of the IIAS: Activities of the International Institute for Archival Science,Trieste and Maribor 2009-2010 and Presentation of the 20 Issues of “Atlanti” (1991-2010)
KECKSEMETI Charles (France), Former General Director of ICA: Summary of the Papers Presented at the 2009 Conference of IIAS and Published in “Atlanti” 2009

Topic 1: Archival Legislation

TATÒ Grazia (Italy): Who’s Afraid of Archives? Or: Wich Legislation for the Society of the Future?
LARIN Michail V. (Russia): The Russian Archival Legislation
HANUS Jozef – PÉKOVÁ Monika – PAVLÍKOVÁ Lenka (Slovak Republic): Access to Archives in Slovak Archival Legislation
PENZO DORIA Gianni (Italy): Registry in Italy at the Beginning of 19th Century: the Veneto region case study
SCHÖGGL-ERNST Elisabeth (Austria): Archives and Legislation: The Austrian Archival Legislation and Access to Archival MaterialRYBAKOU Andrei (Belarus): Access to Archival Information in Belarus: Legislation and Practice
COOK Michael (United Kingdom): Freedom of Information: Legislation that has Radically Changed Archival Practice
AGUADO GONZALEZ Francisco Javier – GARCIA RUIPEREZ Mariano (Spain): The Access to the Archives in Spain, Special Reference to the Archives of the Local Administration
BUDOWSKI Ilana (Israel): Ethical and Legislative Considerations Regarding Private Archives in Israel State Archives. The Case of the Private Papers of Supreme Court Judge Haim Cohn

13.30 Lunch


ARATHYMOU Spyridoula (Greece): The Greek Archival Legislation
CALVÃO BORGES Leonor (Portugal): New Technologies of Information Register: Consequences in the Archives, Right of Access and Right of the Reserve of the Private Life. State of the Question in Portugal
HEÐBELI Živana (Croatia): Current Croatian Archival Legislation
KOŽAR Azem (Bosnia-Herzegovina): Archival Legislation in Bosnia and Herzegovina
DELMAS Marie-Claude (France): Access to Archives in France: the Provisions of the New Law of July 15th, 2008
SELAN Milan (Slovenia): Archival Legislation in Terms of Safety Requirements: Conventional vs.Electronic Archives
WANNER Michal (Czech Republic): Interim Report on the Development of the Archives Legislation in the Czech Republic
SEMLIČ RAJH Zdenka (Slovenia): New Protection of Documents and Archives and Archival Institutions Act: the Successful Way into the Standardization of the Profession or its Destruction
POPOVIC Jovan (Serbia): Legislative Regulation of Data Confidentiality in the Countries on the Territory of the Former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Tuesday October 12th
Topic 2: Web Sites Dedicated to Archives

KLASINC Peter Pavel  (Slovenia): About Web Pages in Archival Theory and Praxis
COSTA Barbara – PINO Francesca (Italy): Coping With Banking Mergers: the Genealogical-Historical Map and the “Plural” Documentary Heritage in the Intesa Sanpaolo Website
KEMPER Joachim (Germany): Archival Networks in Europe. Activities and Projects of “ICARUS” in 2010
SPARTI Aldo (Italy): Presentatione of the Portal “Archives of the Mediterranean”
Mojca ŠORN (Slovenia): History of Slovenia – SIstory: Web-site Portal of Slovenian Historiography
NAHUET Robert (Canada): Access to Archives in Canada: Networks and Interoperability: How to Enhance Access to Canadian Archives
PEJOVIC Snežana (Montenegro): Archives and Web Technology: an Unavoidable Imperative of the Modern
MAROSZ Magdalena (Poland): Archival Web Site. The Compatibility With a Computerized System for Electronic Management of Documentation
RATTI Antonio (Italy): The Historical Archive of INA (Generali Group) at the Service of International Research
KRUSE Christian (Germany): Staatliche Archive Bayerns in the World Wide Web
MONTEDURO Antonio (Italy): Browsing European Archives: Web Sites of the European Union Dedicated to Archives
NOVAK Miroslav (Slovenia): The OAIS Model as the Paradigm of the Online Access to the Archival Databases
MARQUEZ Majella (Malaysia): Access to Public Archives: Policy and Practice with Reference to the Control of Access and Content
TENNASILM Helina (Estonia): Integrated Archival Web Services. Estonian Example
PORUBOVIĆ-VIDOVIĆ Olivera (Serbia): Archives on the Internet: Serbian Case Stady
QOVANAJ Habibe (Kosovo): Significance, Content and Design of Website Dedicated to Archive
POPOVICI Bogdan Florin (Romania): “Information is Power”. Or not?

13.30 Lunch


2nd International Archival and Book Trade Fair exhibitors presentations (Mida, Hyperborea) – Round table

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