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The agenda of the 19th International Archival Day has been defined. The meeting will take place in Trieste from November 9th to November 10th, 2009 at the Conference Hall of the Jolly Hotel (7, Corso Cavour).
The conference, focusing on the topics relating to the archives in the 20th century (1900-2000), will begin at 9 a. m. with the Authorities’ greetings and a report on the activities of the Institute. The speeches on the first topic (technical aspects) will follow.  In the early afternoon the professional aspects will be debated, and the end of the first day session will end at 6.30 p.m. At 9 a. m. of November 10th the second session will begin, to be concluded by a presentation of the exhibitors at the First International Archival and Book Trade Fair, to be organized as a parallel session of the meeting.

Monday November 9th, 2009
Opening – Authorities’ greetings – Introduction to the meeting
Peter Pavel KLASINC (Slovenia): The Activities of the IIAS in 2008 and 2009
Grazia TATO’ (Italy): Report on the 5th year of the IIAS in Trieste
Antonio MONTEDURO (Italy): Report on the IIAS Short Dictionary of Archival Terminology

Session 1: The archives in the 20th century: technical aspects

Peter Pavel KLASINC (Slovenia): Overview of Technical Problems of Archival Records in the 20th Century
Josef HANUS (Slovac Repubblic): Technical Problems in Preservation of Archives from the 20th Century
Pekka HENTTONEN (Finland): Creating Recordkeeping Metadata
Orlin ILIEV (Bulgaria): Technical Problems and Question of Archival Material from 20th century in Bulgarian Archives
Joachim KEMPER (Germany): Present State of the Management of Southern Germany Gentry and Nobility Archives
Azem KOZAR (Bosnia-Herzegovina): Scientific Experiences and Achievements of Bosnian-Herzegovian Archives and Archivists During the 20. Century
Magdalena MAROSZ (Polon): Preservation of What has Become Known as “acid paper”
Robert NAHUET (Canada): From Archival (Technical) Problems to the Problem of Archival Science: New Challenges in Contemporary Archival Studies
Antonio RATTI (Italy): Paper Documents Conservation Problems in the Archives of a 20th Century Enterprise

13.30 Buffet

Tomislav ROZMAN (Slovenia): A Safe Storage of Digital Documents in a Shared Safe Location: a Holistic Perspective
Elisabeth SCHÖEGGL-ERNST – Heinrich KRANZELBINDER (Austria): From Analogue Masters to Digital Records. The Development of Photography in the 20th Century and the Concerning Demands on Archives in the 21st Century
Spyridoula ARATHYMOU (Greece): The 20th Century Archives in Greece. Technical and Professional Issues
Ilana BUDOWSKI (Israel): Dilemmas in Early Disposal of Scanned Administrative Paper Records in Israel
Michael COOK (United Kingdom): A 20th Century Phenomenon: the Appearance and Development of Local Archives Services: a Case Study from the United Kingdom
Andrei RYBAKOU (Belarus): The formation of archival service in the republic of Belarus

Session 2: The archives in the 20th century: professional aspects

Grazia TATO’ (Italy): Archivistes, archival science and…novels
Antonio MONTEDURO (Italy): Initiatives of the European Union in the Field of Archives Between 20th and 21st Century
Gianni PENZO DORIA (Italy): The Archives of the Italian Universities
Francisco AGUADOJosé María MORELL OLIVER (Spain): The Spanish Archives System During the XXth Century. A Century of Change
(end session about 17.00)

Exhibition for the 25th anniversary of the IIAS and for the 5th anniversary of the IIAS headquarters in Trieste (State Archives of Trieste – 17 v. La Marmora)

Tuesday November 10th, 2009

Charles KECSKEMÉTI (France): History and Archives (the Value of Primary Sources) – Historians and Archivists (Enemies Or Allies?)
Vida DEZELAK BARIC (Slovenia): Archive Materials for 20th Century History and Professional Issues from the Perspective of a Contemporary Historian
Marjan GERDEJ (Slovenia): A Short Outline of the Records in Business Archives in 20th Century
Zivana HEDBELI (Croatia): Chicken and Egg? Records or Activities?
Michail LARIN (Russia): The Russian Archival Affair at the Boundary of Centuries
Snezana PEJOVIC (Montenegro): Archival Material from 20th Century and Historiography in Montenegro
Majella MARQUEZ (Malaysia): Technical and Professional Archives Problems and Questions: a Sharing Experience
Jovan POPOVIC (Serbia): Regulations in Force in the Republic of Serbia on Access to and Preservation of Archives, Law on Free Access to Public Information, Law on Personal Data Protection and Draft Law on Confidential Data
Annalisa FILIPPO (Italy): Being an Archivist: First Experiences with a 19th Century Archive
Miroslav NOVAK (Slovenia): “Data Mapping” as Basic Methodology for Data Management in Archives
Marie-Claude DELMAS (France): A New Endeavour for French National Archives: Pierrefitte-sur-Seine Project
Refike SÜLÇEVSI (Kosovo): Criteria on Evaluation of the Archiving Material in Kosovo


13.30 Buffet

International Cultural Heritage Technology Fair exhibitors presentations (Metis, Mida, Blukappa, Hyperborea, Scope) – Round table
(end session about 16.30)

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