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The final agenda was approved of the 18th International Archival Day, to be held in Trieste from 20th to 21st November, 2008, at the “Revoltella Museum” (V. Diaz, 27) kindly made available for the meeting  by the Culture Department of the Municipality of Trieste.
The meeting will begin on November 20th at 9 a.m. with the Authorities’ greetings and a report on the last activities of the Institute. Then the first topic, safety and security in the archives, will debated. The afternoon session (to be concluded at 18.30) will be dedicated to the second topic, valorisation of the archives, and the lectures will continue during the following morning session on November 21st (opening 9 a.m.); to end the meeting, contributions from some participants in the IIAS Autumn Archival School and some presentations of companies working in the archival field.

Program of the Meeting 2008

Welcome address

Luciano SCALA (MBAC – Direzione Generale per gli Archivi, Italy)
Antonio DENTONI LITTA (MBAC – Soprintendenza Archivistica per la Toscana, Italy)
Massimo GRECO (Comune di Trieste – Assessorato alla Cultura, Italy)
Renzo CODARIN (Federazione nazionale delle Associazioni degli esuli istriani fiumani e dalmati, Italy)
Tatiana APARAC (Head Library and information science department University of Zadar, Croatia)
Milan SELAN (Presidente dell’Associazione media.doc, Slovenia)

Report from IIAS

Peter Pavel KLASINC (IIAS, Slovenia), The acrtivities of the International Institute for Archival Science of Trieste and Maribor in 2007 and 2008
Antonio MONTEDURO (CEI-Central European Initiative, Italy), The IIAS Online Short Dictionary of Archival terminology: the Second Step
Marcello SCRIGNAR (Archivio di Stato di Trieste, Italy), The IIAS Web Site and the Project of the Online Version of the IIAS Short Dictionary of Archival Terminology

Safety and Security

Peter Pavel KLASINC (IIAS, Slovenia), Safety and Security in Archives: Many Questions, and Even More Answers
Luisa VILLOTTA (Friularchivi, Italy), Introduction to the book “Le carte future”
Michael LARIN (VNIIDAD Moscow, Russia) – Sergey EGOROV (VNIIDAD Moscow, Russia), Some problems of Safety Preservation of the Russian Archival Records
Snežana PEJOVIĆ (Archiv Kotor, Montenegro), Disaster Planning in Archives: Forgotten Duty in Montenegro?          Power Point Presentation
Eva GREGOROVIČOVÁ (Narodni Arhiv Praha, Czech Republic), From Microfilm to Digitalizing: the Safety and Security of the Archival National Heritage in the National Archives of Prague
Jozef HANUS (Slovak National Archives, Slovak Republic), Safety and Security in the Archives
Joachim KEMPER (Generaldirektion der staatlichen Archive Bayerns, Germany), Measures of Damage Prevention for Archives and Emergency Plans in Baviera
Magdalena MAROSZ (State Archive in Cracow, Poland), Safety and Security of E-data
Miroslav NOVAK (Pokrajinski arhiv Maribor, Slovenia), Problems of Data Evaluatin in the Frame of Process of their Data Mapping
Jovan POPOVIC (Laweyer and journalist, Serbia), Criminal and Violation Regulations for Protection the Archival Material in Natural or Man-Made Disasters
Živana HEĐBELI (Office of General Administration Service of the Croazian Parliament and the Government of the Republic of Croazia, head of Registry Office, Croatia), Appraisal in Croatia
Jedert VODOPIVEC (Arhiv Republike Slovenije, Slovenia), Preservation and Risk Assessment in Archival Depos
Maja NIKOLOVA (Pedagoski muzej u Belgradu, Serbia), Digitalization of Archive’s Material as Means of Protection of Cultural Heritage with Special Retrospective View on Archive’s Material in the Museum of Education in Belgrade 


Grazia TATÒ (Archivio di Stato di Trieste, Italy), The Valorisation of the Archival Goods
Francisco Javier AGUADO GONZALEZ (ABC Madrid, Spain), Enhancement Project for the ABC Photographic Archive
Robert NAHUET (Archival Records & Special Collection Branch Library and Archives Canada, Canada), The Appraisal of Government Records: a Comparison of Legislations, Strategies, Goals, Processes and Tools Between Two Levels of Government. The Federal and the Quebéc Provincial Government
Antonio RATTI (Archivio Storico INA, Italy), INA’s Historical Archives. An Analysis of the Potentialities of New Software
Elisabeth SCHÖGGL-ERNST (Steiermärkisches Landesarchiv, Austria), Valorisation of Archives: One Austrian Solution
Andrei RYBAKOU (BelNIIDAD, Belarus), Appraisal in the Republic of Belarus: Theory, Technique, Normative Regulation
Spyridoula ARATHYMOU (Institute for Neohellenic Research, Greek), Appraisal of Business Archives: General Approaches and Suggestions, Including Greek Practices and Facts
Tom A. ADAMI (Records Management & Archives Unit-GSS Office 5A01 UNMIS, Sudan), Appraising Peacekeeping Archives: The United Nations in Darfur & Southern Sudan
Valerie KOMOR (AP Corporate Archives, USA), When is the News Old? Appraising and Preserving the Legacy of the Associated Press
Zohar ALOUFI (Tel-Aviv University Archives, Israel), Appraisal at the Municipal Archives in Israel
Pekka HENTTONEN (University of Tampere, Finland), Media Selection and Archival Appraisal
Vlatka LEMIC (Hrvatski državni arhiv, Croatia), Appraisal in ARHiNET  Archival Infeormation System
Azem KOŽAR (Filozofski fakultet Univerziteta u Tuzli, Bosnia-Herzegovina), Valuation of Archival Material About War Conflicts in Transitional Countries
Iryna MATYASH (Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Archives and Documentation, Ukraine), Methodological Principles of the Expertise of Documents’ Value in the Ukrainian Archives Modern Practice
Moshe MOSSEK (Israel State Archives, Israel) – Ilana BUDOWSKI (Israel State Archives, Israel), Appraisal and Deposition of Administrative Records: Principles and Method Used in Israel
Ivelina KARAILIEVA (Regional State Archive of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria), Bulgarian Legislation: the Valorisation of Archival Records and the New Information Technologies. A Search for New Decisions to Extend the Public Access to Documental Heritage
Marijan GERDEJ (IIAS, Slovenia), The Proceedings of Appraisal of Archives and (Documentary) Records in Former (Yougoslav) Industrial Undertakings and at Today’s Record Creators
Jusuf OSMANI (Arkivi Shretëtor i Kosovës, Kosovo), Private Archival Material in Kosovo


Michelle ELLIGOTT (Museum of Modern Art, USA), Perspectives from the Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York
Bogdan-Florin POPOVICI (Romania), Again About the “Babel-ology” in Archival Science: a Soth-East European Approach
Annalisa FILIPPO (Italy), A Compared Analysis of the Different Legislations on Archives
Cecilia POGGETTI (Hyperborea società cooperativa, Italy), Arianna and Ariannaweb, Tools for the Description and the ValorisationMassimo COLOMBO (Metis Group, Italia), A Presentation of  Metis Systems CompanyA Presentation of Gulliver Company

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