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SCALA Luciano (Italy), Director of the General Directorate of Archives. Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities: Welcome address
DENTONI LITTA Antonio (Italy), President of the Assembly of the IIAS: Welcome address
DEMŠAR Franci (Slovenia), Director of the Slovenian Research Agency in Lubiana: Welcome address

Report from IIAS

KLASINC Peter Pavel (Slovenia), Director  of the IIAS: Activities of the International Institute for Archival Science,Trieste and Maribor 2009-2010 and Presentation of the 20 Issues of “Atlanti” (1991-2010)
KECKSEMETI Charles (France), Former General Director of ICA: Summary of the Papers Presented at the 2009 Conference of IIAS and Published in “Atlanti” 2009

Topic 1: Archival Legislation

TATÒ Grazia (Italy): Who’s Afraid of Archives? Or: Wich Legislation for the Society of the Future?
LARIN Michail V. (Russia): The Russian Archival Legislation
HANUS Jozef – PÉKOVÁ Monika – PAVLÍKOVÁ Lenka (Slovak Republic): Access to Archives in Slovak Archival Legislation
PENZO DORIA Gianni (Italy): Registry in Italy at the Beginning of 19th Century: the Veneto region case study
SCHÖGGL-ERNST Elisabeth (Austria): Archives and Legislation: The Austrian Archival Legislation and Access to Archival Material
RYBAKOU Andrei (Belarus): Access to Archival Information in Belarus: Legislation and Practice
COOK Michael (United Kingdom): Freedom of Information: Legislation that has Radically Changed Archival Practice
AGUADO GONZALEZ Francisco Javier – GARCIA RUIPEREZ Mariano (Spain): The Access to the Archives in Spain, Special Reference to the Archives of the Local Administration
BUDOWSKI Ilana (Israel): Ethical and Legislative Considerations Regarding Private Archives in Israel State Archives. The Case of the Private Papers of Supreme Court Judge Haim Cohn
ARATHYMOU Spyridoula (Greece): The Greek Archival Legislation
CALVÃO BORGES Leonor (Portugal): New Technologies of Information Register: Consequences in the Archives, Right of Access and Right of the Reserve of the Private Life. State of the Question in Portugal
HEÐBELI Živana (Croatia): Current Croatian Archival Legislation
KOŽAR Azem (Bosnia-Herzegovina): Archival Legislation in Bosnia and Herzegovina
DELMAS Marie-Claude (France): Access to Archives in France: the Provisions of the New Law of July 15th, 2008
SELAN Milan (Slovenia): Archival Legislation in Terms of Safety Requirements: Conventional vs. Electronic Archives
WANNER Michal (Czech Republic): Interim Report on the Development of the Archives Legislation in the Czech Republic
SEMLIČ RAJH Zdenka (Slovenia): New Protection of Documents and Archives and Archival Institutions Act: the Successful Way into the Standardization of the Profession or its Destruction
POPOVIC Jovan (Serbia): Legislative Regulation of Data Confidentiality in the Countries on the Territory of the Former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Topic 2: Web Sites Dedicated to Archives

KLASINC Peter Pavel  (Slovenia): About Web Pages in Archival Theory and Praxis
COSTA Barbara – PINO Francesca (Italy): Coping With Banking Mergers: the Genealogical-Historical Map and the “Plural” Documentary Heritage in the Intesa Sanpaolo Website
KEMPER Joachim (Germany): Archival Networks in Europe. Activities and Projects of “ICARUS” in 2010
SPARTI Aldo (Italy): Presentatione of the Portal “Archives of the Mediterranean”
ŠORN Mojca (Slovenia): History of Slovenia – SIstory: Web-site Portal of Slovenian Historiography
NAHUET Robert (Canada): Access to Archives in Canada: Networks and Interoperability: How to Enhance Access to Canadian Archives
PEJOVIC Snežana (Montenegro): Archives and Web Technology: an Unavoidable Imperative of the Modern
MAROSZ Magdalena (Poland): Archival Web Site. The Compatibility With a Computerized System for Electronic Management of Documentation
RATTI Antonio (Italy): The Historical Archive of INA (Generali Group) at the Service of International Research
KRUSE Christian (Germany): Staatliche Archive Bayerns in the World Wide Web
MONTEDURO Antonio (Italy): Browsing European Archives: Web Sites of the European Union Dedicated to Archives
NOVAK Miroslav (Slovenia): The OAIS Model as the Paradigm of the Online Access to the Archival Databases
MARQUEZ Majella (Malaysia): Access to Public Archives: Policy and Practice with Reference to the Control of Access and Content
TENNASILM Helina (Estonia): Integrated Archival Web Services. Estonian Example
PORUBOVIĆ-VIDOVIĆ Olivera (Serbia): Archives on the Internet: Serbian Case Stady
QOVANAJ Habibe (Kosovo): Significance, Content and Design of Website Dedicated to Archive
POPOVICI Bogdan Florin (Romania): “Information is Power”. Or not?


RATCU Ileana-Maria (Romania): The Faculty od Archival Sciences in Bucharest: Archievements and Prospects
Presentation of Hyperborea s.r.l. Company
Presentation of M.I.D.A. Informatica s.n.c. Company

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