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Annata 29(2019)

Number 1: Questions of Archival Sciences

Peter Pavel KLASINC, Slovenia, Archival Science and the Answers to Social Transformations in Archival Theory and Practice: the Current Situation
Elena ROMANOVA, Russia, Archival Science: Bridges Between Tradition and Innovation
Jelka MELIK, Slovenia, The Archivist: the Guardian of Human Rights
Živana HEĐBELI, Croatia, Why Choose the Archival Profession Why Become, Be and Remain an Archivist?
Miroslav NOVAK, Slovenia, Identifying, Reacting and Connecting: on The Knowledge and Skills Needed for Modern Managing of Archival and Documentary Material
Mikhail LARIN, Russia, Electronic Documents in Archiving: a Theoretical Aspect
István HEGEDUS, Hungary, Public Collection Digitization Strategy of Hungary and its Impact to the National Archives of Hungary
Elisabeth SCHÖGGL-ERNST, Austria, The Development of Archival Science Reflecting to the Scientific Training in Austria
Tijana RUPČIĆ, Serbia, Archival Science in University Study Programs in the Republic of Serbia
Manja KONKOLIČ, Slovenia, Protecting Archival Records in the Republic of Slovenia

Number 2: Resonances of Social Changes in Archival Theory and Practice

Peter Pavel KLASINC, Slovenia, Archival Science in Storms
Andrei RYBAKOU, Belarus, Influence of Modern Information Technologies on the Views on the Basic Object of Archival Science
Pavlina BOBIČ, Slovenia, Access to Archives, Access to Knowledge
Azem KOŽAR, Bosna and Hercegovina, The Influence of Social Changes on the Status Position of the Archives and the Development of the Archival Activity of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1990-2018)
Stefano ALLEGREZZA, Italy, The Importance of Personal and Family Digital Archives for a New Perception of the Archival Discipline
Aleksander LAVRENČIČ, Slovenia, Archival Science/Archivology and Audio-Visual Archives or Audio-Visual Archives and Archival Science/Archivology
Bogdan-Florin POPOVICI, Romania, Challenging the Archival Arrangement
Grazia TATÒ, Italy, Archives and the Society
Magdalena MAROSZ, Poland, The Role of Social Communication in Modern Archive Management. An Attempt   at Outlining the Archive–Researcher–Collective Dynamic in the Context of the Interdependence Between History and Myth
Maryna PALIIENKO, Ukraine, Socio-Cultural Mission of the Archives and New Strategies for Archival Management
Markus SCHMALZL, Germany, New Challenges for the Principle of Provenance in the Digital World?
Mojca KOSI, Slovenia, Project E-ARH.SI 2016 – 2020: Solutions for Vulnerable Groups
Aliya MUSTAFINA, Kazakistan, Creation of the E-Archive in Kazakhstan

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