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Issue 28(2018)

General Introduction
Peter Pavel KLASINC, Slovenia: Private Archives and Data Protection Today: Introductory thoughts

Tema 1: Private Archives: Questions of Protection and Access

Živana HEĐBELI, Croatia: New Archival Legislation: the Witch Hunt
Marie RYANTOVA, Czech Republic: Private archives in the Czech Republic
Jelka MELIK, – Mateja JERAJ, Slovenia: Significance and preservation of private archives in Slovenia
Francis GARABA, South Africa: Private archives in South Africa: their protection and access with particular reference to the now defunct Lutheran Theological Institute Library and Archives
Abdulmoshin Said AL HINAI, Sultanate of Oman: Private Archives and its Role in Preserving the Nation Memory
Stefano ALLEGREZZA, Italy: The Impact of Digital Transformation on Private Archives: What Future for Personal Archives?
Lucija PLANINC – Marija GRABNAR – Jedert VODOPIVEC TOMAŽIČ, Slovenia: Inventory and Protection of Photographs From the Julij Felaher Collection
Magdalena MAROSZ, Poland: Private Archives: Relationship with the State Archives
Mirjana BOGOSAVLJEVIC, Serbia: The Relationship Between Private and Public Archive: Theory and Practice
Omer ZULIĆ, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Legislative Regulations on Establishing Private and Special Archives in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Snežana PEJOVIĆ, Montenegro: Appraisal of Personal Records in Archival Profession and in Historiography
F. Borja AGUINAGALDE, Spain: Family Archives in the Basque Country (1990-2018): a Specific and Integral Management Area
Azem KOŽAR, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Public Archives and Private Archival Records in Countries Undergoing Transition
Jovan P. POPOVIĆ, Serbia: Normative Regulation: Significance, Place, Roles and Protection of Private Archival Material and Private Archives with a View on the Regulation in the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro
Marija ČIPIĆ REHAR, Slovenia: Diocesan Archives in Slovenia During the Second Half of the 20th and the Beginning of the 21st Century
Flavio CARBONE – Francesca NEMORE – Giulia VILLANI, Italy: Public and Private: the Archive of Vincenzo Federici and the Archives of Sapienza University of Rome: Protection, Access and Valorization
Pétria de VAAL-SENEKAL, South Africa: Challenges in the Archives of the Afrikaans Language Museum, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa: a Case Study
Anne J. GILLILAND, USA – Tamara ŠTEFANAC, Croatia: Independent Community Archives: Challenging the Status Quo of Private and Public Archives
Tijana RUPČIĆ, Serbia: Problem of Private Archives in the Republic of Serbia
Mikhail LARIN, Russia: Normative and legal regulation of non-state archives
Andrei RYBAKOU, Belarus: State and Private Archives: Construction of the System of Relations and Opportunities of Cooperation

Tema 2: General Data Protection Regulation

Giulia BARRERA, Italy: The European Archives Group Guidelines about the Implementation of the GDPR in the Field of Archives
Elena ROMANOVA, Russia: Public Interest to Personal Data: Online Databases of Russian Archives
Miroslav NOVAK, Slovenia: Management of sensitive data and archival finding aids
Marta Gaia CASTELLAN – Igor MARCOLONGO, Italy: Documents, Processes, Transactions: the European Digital Archival (R)Evolution
Pekka HENTTONEN, Finnland: Changing Finnish Archival Legislation: Substantial Changes in the Shadow of EU Regulations
Maryna PALIIENKO, Ukraine: Personal Data Protection and Access to Archives in Ukraine: From the National and International Perspective
Yolanda CAGICAS OCEJO – Ines IRURITA HERNÁNDEZ, Spain: Spanish Legislation on Access to Records: The Case of the University of Navarra
Bogdan-Florin POPOVICI, Romania: Some Aspects of GDPR Implementation in NAR
Svetlana USPRCOVA, Macedonia: The State Archives of the Republic of Macedonia – Use of Archival Material and Data Protection Pursuant to the Law on Personal Data Protection and the General Data Protection Regulation
Luidmila N. VARLAMOVA, Russia: International Records Management and Archives Terminology Systems Standardized by ISO and IEC
Alizata KOUDA, Burkina Faso: The Archivist Between His Duty to Communicate and the Obligation to Protect
Elisabeth SCHÖGGL-ERNST, Austria: The Impact of the General Data Protection Regulation on Archives in Austria

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