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Issue 27(2017)

Topic 1: Digital born archives management

Snežana PEJOVIĆ – Joško KATELAN, Montenegro: Historical Archives and New-born Digital Records Creation
Stefano ALLEGREZZA, Italy: Dematerialising the administrative processes and not only the documents: the reengineering project of the documentary work flow at Udine University
Francisco Javier ACUÑA LLAMAS, Mexico: Processing of Electronic Documents at the INAI: Preservation of E-Mails and of Information Posted on Social Network Institutional Accounts and Its Contribution to Transparency
Thi Hoa DOAN, Vietnam: The Current Legal Provisions an Electronic Documents and Electronic Document Archives in Vietnam
Monica MARTIGNON, Italy: The Digital Archive at University Iuav of Venice: Electronic Invoices and Digital Decrees
Mikhail V. LARIN, Russia: Theory and Practice of Electronic Records’ Archival Storage
Christian KRUSE, Germany: All with one Aim in Mind: Cooperation at Federal Level in the Field of Digital Archiving
Vlatka LEMIĆ, Croatia: Croatian Archives and Electronic Records: Actualities and Development Trends
Tatjana HAJTNIK, Slovenia: Establishment of a national e-archive: here’s the challenge – how would we address it?
Ngoc Linh NGUYENThi Van Thuy TRAN, Vietnam: Current Situation and Solutions to Handling Archival Records in Digital Format
Bogdan-Florin POPOVICI, Romania: Besides Standards and Automation: an Experience with Census Databases
Andrei RYBAKOU, Belarus: Digitally Born Records: Acquisition, Long-Term Preservation and Confirmation of Long-Term Legal Validity
Zdenka SEMLIC RAJH, Slovenia: When Archivists and Librariens Collide: Managing Born Digital Records
Patricia ENGEL, Austria: Systemic Thinking in Conservation Theory
Azem KOŽAR, Bosnia and Herzegovina: New Educational Paradigm of Archival Employees in Transitional Countries
Aleksander LAVRENČIČ, Slovenia: Archival Processing of Born Digital Records in the Archives of TV Slovenia
Aida SKORO BABIC: Slovenia: Modern approaches to the pedagogic processes in archival science in the context of electronic archiving

Topic 2: The archivists training in the 21st Century

Grazia TATÒ, Italy: Which manual for the 21st century?
Pétria DE VAAL-SENEKAL, South Africa: The Art of Facilitating Archiving Workshops in South Africa, in Order to Develop Skills in the Archival Profession Accommodating Unique Challenges
Cristina BIANCHI, Switerland: Swiss Competency Model for the Archivist of the 21st Century
Flavio CARBONEFrancesca NEMORE, Italy: Where they Create Archivists: from the Parchment to Bits
Elisabeth SCHÖGGL-ERNST, Austria: The Non-University Education of Archival Staff in Austria
Yolanda CAGIGAS OCEJO, Spain: The Official University Masters on Archives and Document Management in Spain course 2017/18
Ana-Felicia DIACONU, Romania: Training of Archivists in Romania: Challenges, Limits and Perspectives
Željka DMITRUS, Croatia: Studiing Modern Archival Science in Croatia
Marija GRABNARJedert VODOPIVEC TOMAŽIČ, Slovenia: Education in the Field of Preservation and Conservation of Archival Heritage in Slovenia
Cleophas AMBIRA, Kenya: Nurturing Professional Talent in Records and Archives Management in Kenya
Antonio MONTEDURO, Italia: Ten Years After: IIAS Autumn Archival School
Elena ROMANOVA, Russia: Professional Training and Retraining of Archivists in the All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute for Documentation and Archives (VNIIDAD)
Jelka MELIKMateja JERAJ, Slovenia: Archivists: Occupation or Profession
Branka DOKNIĆ, Serbia: Archivists and 21st Century: How Ready Are Archivists for the Achievements of 21st Century
Abdulmoshin Said Al HINAI, Oman Sultanat: Training of Archivists in 21th Century
Magdalena MAROSZ, Poland: Professional Competence of an Archivist: Changes that Can Be Expected
Jozef HANUSKatarína VIZÁROVÁRadko TIŇOMilena REHÁKOVÁNina LALÍKOVÁEmília HANUSOVÁ, Slovak Republic: Education and Research: an Inevitable Requirement for Heritage Preservation in Cultural Memory Institutions
Alizata KOUDA, Burkina Faso: E-Administration in Burkina Faso: What Type of Training for Data Managers?
Maryna PALIIENKO, Ukraine: Archival Studies in Ukraine: Between Tradition and Challenges of Information Era
Svetlana PEROVIĆ IVOVIĆ, Serbia: Requests of the Modern Archives in Serbia and Training of Experts in the Field of Presentation of the Cultural Heritage
Tibor Csaba REISZ, Hungary: Education of Archivists in Hungary at the Beginning of the 21st Century
Jonathan RHYS-LEWIS, Great Britain: Teaching Preservation to Students Archivists at University College London
Thi Loan TRANThi Ngoc Mai NGUYEN, Vietnam: The Process of Handling Materials Before Digitizing the Heritage of Woodblocks of Vinh Nghiem Pagoda
Omer ZULIĆ, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Importance of Educating Archival Personnel: Experiences of the Archive of Tuzla Canton
Marie RYANTOVÁ, Czech Republic: Training of Archivists in the 21st Century: Some Reflections
Jovan P. POPOVIĆ, Serbia: Archival Staff and Education of Archivists with an Emphasis on Planning and Implementation in the Republic of Serbia

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