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Issue 25(2015)

General introduction

Peter Pavel KLASINC, Slovenia
Director of the IIAS
From Classical Problems to Contemporary in Archives and in Archival Science
Charles KECSKEMETI, France
Former Secretary general of ICA
Summary of the papers presented at the 2014 Conference of IIAS and published in “Atlanti” 2014

Topic 1: Management, Appraisal and Long Term Preservation of E-records: Archival Response to the Challenge of Long Term Preservation

Miroslav NOVAK, Slovenia: Evaluation of Archival Material and Re-Use of Information in the Public Sector
Andrei RYBAKOU, Belarus: Management, Appraisal and Preservation of Electronic Records: the Belarusian Experience
Siniša DOMAZET, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Archival Response to the Challenge of Long Term Preservation: Archives of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Era of Digitization
Alizata KOUDA, Burkina Faso: Management of Public Archives in Burkina Faso: Security and Perennial of Electronic Data
Omer ZULIĆ, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Specifics of Evaluating Archival Material in Bosnia and Herzegovina During the Transitional Period
Robert NAHUET, Canada: Management, Appraisal & Preservation of Government Records: Some Aspects of the Canadian Case
Ivana POSEDI – Irena MILOBARA, Croatia: The Legal Framework of Application and Protection of E-Records in the Republic of Croatia
Triantafillia KOURTOUMI, Greek: Web 2.0 in the Archival Domain: Why and How in the Knowledge Economy?
Maria GUERCIO, Italy: Certification and Trusted Digital Repositories: the Role of Standards and Policies
Živana HEÐBELI – Nikola MOKROVIĆ, Croatia: Managing a Photograph Collection: ARKzin photo archive Case Study
Lajos KÖRMENDY, Hungary: Information Society, E-Records and the New Archival Science
Fikrie BERISHA, Kosovo: Digital Archives Management and Permanent Storage of Documents
Snežana PEJOVIĆ, Montenegro: Among Technological Reality, Legislation and Practice: Montenegrin Archivists Facing the Challenge of Long-Term Preservation of E-Records
Ismail ISMAILI – Refike SÜLÇEVSI, Kosovo: The Era of Electronic Documents and the Challenges Facing Their Management
Bogdan Florin POPOVICI, Romania: Electronic Records Management in Romania: More Electronic-, Less Records-Management
Alessandro ALFIER, Italy: Digital archives preservation: a “culture broth” for a new archival paradigm
Mikhail LARIN, Russia: Scientific and Methodical Solutions of Long-Term Storage of Electronic Records in the Russian Federation
Aida ŠKORO BABIĆ, Slovenia: Management, Appraisal and Long Term Preservation of E-records: Role of Archivists and IT Professionals
Olivera PORUBOVIĆ-VIDOVIĆ, Serbia: Digital Master Document: New Original
Anja PAULIČ, Slovenia: European Archival Records and Knowledge Preservation (E-ARK) Project. Goals and Achievements: an Overview
Antonio MONTEDURO, Italy: The ANAI Code of Ethics and Similar Instruments of Alike Foreign Associations
Susanne FRÖHLICH – Elisabeth SCHÖGGL-ERNST, Austria: Digital Long-Term-Preservation in Austria

Topic 2: Archival Buildings in Terms of Responding to the Emergencies (i.e. design, adaptations, purpose built, emergency planning, space management)

Grazia TATÒ, Italy: Keep Calm: Archives Between Disasters and Prevention
Azem KOŽAR, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Location Characteristics of Archival Buildings in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Cristina BIANCHI, Switzerland: Emergency Planning in Switzerland
Izet ŠABOTIĆ, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Archival Building: the Condition of Safeguarding Archival Material in Extraordinary Circumstances
Jasna POŽGAN, Croatia: Archive Buildings in the Northern Croatia: Conditions and Possibilities
Marie RYANTOVÁ, Czech Republic: Archive Buildings in the Czech Republic After 1990: the “Czech Archival Wonder” and the Present Situation
Christian KRUSE, Germany: Preparing for an Emergency: Building and Organisational Measures
T. Csaba REISZ, Hungary: The History of the NAH Central Building’s Construction
Habibe QOVANAJ – Shpresa MEKAJ, Kosovo: Emergency Planning for Records and Archives Service
Svetlana USPRCOVA, Macedonia: Archival Buildings in General and the Case with the Archival Buildings of the State Archives of the Republic of Macedonia
Abdulmohsin Said AL HINAI, Oman Sultanat: Building of the National Records and Archives Authority – NRAA in the Sultanate of Oman: the Establishment, Designing, and Magnificence Construction
Svetlana PEROVIĆ IVOVIĆ – Irena IVOVIĆ, Serbia: Archival Building Design Challenge: Architects, Archivists and Conservators an the Same Task in Order to Ensure Adequate Protection of Archives
Jelka MELIK – Mateja JERAJ, Slovenia: Archival Law and Regulation of Perservation of Current and Archival Records
Mojca KOSI, Slovenia: Disabled Persons in Slovenian Archives Reading Rooms: the Problem of Accessibility
Jovan P. POPOVIĆ, Serbia: Unlawfulness in the archives management in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances (opposition of archival commandments and the consequences deriving from it)
Tim HARRIS, United Kingdom: Strategic Positioning of Archives in Disaster Recovery Procedures
Josef HANUS – Emília HANUSOVÁ, Slovak Republic: Archival Buildings in Terms of Responding to the Emergencies
Dušan JOVANOVIČ – Patricija JANKOVIČ – Borut BRATINA, Slovenia: Legal Process Outsourcing as Challenge for Lawyers and Archival Institutions in EU

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