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30th International archival day

International Institute for the archival science Trieste, Italy-Maribor, Slovenia
Alma Mater Europaea – ECM /Archival studies, State Archives of Trieste, University of Maribor, and Slovenian Research Agency
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30th Conference “International archival Day” 2020
under the honorary patronage of His Excellency Mr. Borut Pahor, President of the Republic of Slovenia
(Online and free of charge)
07th – 8th December 2020
10.00 – 16.00 (GMT+1)

Profession Archivist
Digital Archiving: Electronic Archives
Monday, December 7, 2020 

10.00 The beginning of the conference

10.05-10.30 Welcome speeches

Peter Pavel KLASINC, Slovenia (Director of the International Institute for Archival Science Trieste-Maribor (IIAS) and Head of the departments of the Archive Science at Alma Mater Europaea)
Giulia BARRERA, Italy (President of the Assembly of the Members of the IIAS and General Directorate of Archives of Ministry of goods and cultural activities and tourism)
Grazia TATÒ, Italy (Deputy director of the IIAS and Director of the IIAS Autumn Archival School)
Dieter SCHLENKER, Italy (Director of the Historical Archives of the European Union in Florence)
Charles FARRUGIA, Malta (Director of National Archives of Malta, President of EURBICA)
Ludvik TOPLAK, Slovenia (President of Alma Mater Europaea – Evropskega centra Maribor)
Pavel Alekseevich KYUNG, Russia (Director of VNIIDAD, Moscow, Russia)
Mikhail LARIN, Russia (Professor at the University of Humanities, Moscow, Russia)
Bojan CVELFAR, Slovenia (Director of National Archives of Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of culture)
Matej MUŽENIČ, Slovenia (President of the Archival society of Slovenia)

10.30-10.50 Peter Pavel KLASINC, Slovenia: An Overview of selected historical periods in archiving up until the foundation of the IIAS Institute and of the Atlanti journal all the way to the present day
10.50-11.00 Aida ŠKORO BABIČ, Slovenia: Presentation of the Atlanti and Atlanti+


11.00 Dieter SCHLENKER, Italy: Transnational archives – A lecture at the Archives School of the State Archives Florence
11.20 Meena GAUTMAN, India: Archival Education and training in India – A Project Study
11.35 Živana HEƉBELI, Nikola MOKROVIĆ, Croatia: Socialist Understanding of Archival Profession
11.50 Liudmila VARLAMOVA, Russia: Archival education in Russia: Past-present-future
12.05 Pekka HENTTONEN, Finland: Archival education in Finland – traits and developments
12.20 Francesca NEMORE, Giulia CAMPANELLI, Giulia VILLANI, Italy: From the archive to the chair: first reflections on ninety years of archival studies in Sapienza.
12.35 Magdalena MAROSZ, Poland: Archival education – latest changes and prospects
12.50 Mikhail LARIN, Russia: Transformation of the education of archivists in the digital age
13.05 Špela SEČNIK, Anja PRŠA, Slovenia: The Guardians of Cultural Heritage: Intersections between an archivist and a curator documentalist
13.20 Grazia TATÒ, Italy: The Archivist, a Superhero?
13.35 Jozef HANUS, Slovakia: An archivist and new approach to elimination of microbiological contamination in preservation of cultural heritage
13.50 Jelka MELIK, Slovenia: Custodians and guardians of archival records in the 21st century
14.05 Azem KOŽAR, Bosnia and Herzegovina: University archives in the legislation and practice of the archival service of Bosnia and Herzegovina
14.20 Flavio CARBONE, Italy: Teaching Archival Science to the Armed Forces: is it a Mission Impossible?

14.35-15.00 Discussion and presentations of sponsors
15.30 Assembly of member of IIAS (special invitation)

Tuesday, December 8, 2020


10.00 Grigory N. LANSKOY, Russia: Profession of archivist in work with archival documents on new technical supports: norms and practices
10.20 Stefano ALLEGREZZA, Italy: The education and training of archivists in the digital age: the italian context and case study of the 2nd level master programme in “creation, management and preservation of digital archives”
10.35 Aleksander LAVRENČIČ, Slovenia: Archives and archivists in the digital age: the impact of digitization on the habits of archivists – the case of sending postcards
10.50 Majid Mohamed AL MUGHAIRI, Sultanate of Oman: Archives and the digital age
11.05 Dimitrij REJA, Slovenia: Certification of trusted e-repositories
11.20 Marie RYANTOVÀ, The Czech Republic: Archives and the Digital Age in the Czech Republic
11.35 Luka HRIBAR, Slovenia: Blockchains in e-storage systems
11.50 Bogdan-Florin POPOVICI, Romania: “Yet another one?!” Some considerations on Instantiation entity in ‘Records in Contexts’ Model
12.05 Tina PLEVNIK, Slovenia: The relevance of criteria and certification of trusted e-repositories in the pharmaceutical industry
12.20 Andrei RYBAKOU, Belorussia: Records and archives management in the conditions of development and implementation of automated information systems: delimitation of competences between archivists and IT specialists
12.35 Boštjan DORNIK, Slovenia: Crisis management and management of television archives during the COVID-19 epidemic
12.50 Elisabeth SCHÖGGL-ERNST, Austria: Appraisal of electronic records: a case study
13.05 Aliya MUSTAFINA, Kazakhstan: Digital Archives: opportunities and prospects
13.20 Markus SCHMALZL, Germany: Quod non est in actis…
13.35 Istvan HEGEDŰS, Hungary: How Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning can Help Rethink Archives?
13.55 Vlatka LENIĆ, Croatia: Biga Data on the Past, Time Machine Project and Digital Information: Archives as Resource, Service and Engaged Partners
14.10 Aleksandra LOBANOVA, Russia: Levels, Procedures and Challenges of Digital or Digitized Records Appraisal for Electronic Archiving. Russian Persective
14.25 Elena ROMANOVA, Russia: Electronic Engineering and Technical Documentation: Challenges and Solutions for Long-Term Preservation
14.40 Manja KONKOLIĆ, Slovenia: Risk Management Methodology in the field of e-long Term Preservation
14.55 Rudi JAMNIK, Slovenia: COVID-19: How Much Material will be Able to Preserve
15.10 Zdenka SEMLIĆ RAJK, Slovenia: Improving Data Quality in Archival Information Systems
15.25 Nežika ERZETIĆ, Slovenia: Is the Preservation of Electronic Medical Records Safer for Patients than Preservation in Paper Form?
15.40 Aida ŠKORO BABIĆ, Slovenia: Digital Records and Personal Rights


15.55 Antonio MONTEDURO, Italy: 30 years of Atlanti: Archival science at the top level
16.10 Valentina PETAROS JEROMELA, Slovenia: Archives of the Italian National Community in Slovenia: a historical recovery and a new archive: An old archive that has changed many denominations following the historical evolution of our territory and the creation of an archive
16.25 Peter Pavel KLASINC, Slovenia: Exhibition in COVID Times

16.30 Discussion and presentation of sponsor

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The organizer reserves the right to change the venue, date, and time and to modify the program of the conference

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