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Meeting 2017
From 16th to 17th October, the International Institute of Archival Sciences of Trieste (Italy) and Maribor (Slovenia) – IIAS – will organize the 27th edition of the International Archives Day, to be held at the NH Hotel. Professionals from all around the world will exchange views on the digital born archives management and on the archivists training in the 21st Century.
After the conference, the activity of the IIAS will continue until the end of the week, with the 11th edition of the Autumn Archival School, reserved to young Italian and foreign archivists.

16th-17th October 2017

1) Archival Processing of Digital Born Records
2) The archivists training in the 21st Century

English, Italian, Slovenian
Date and venue
16th-17th October 2017, NH Hotels (Trieste, corso Cavour 7)

Monday, October 16th, 9.00

Opening – Greetings of the Authorities – Introduction to the Meeting

Topic 1: Digital born archives management

Snežana PEJOVIĆ; – Joško KATELAN, Montenegro: Historical Archives and New-born Digital Records Creation
Stefano ALLEGREZZA, Italy: Dematerialising the administrative processes and not only the documents: the reengineering project of the documentary work flow at Udine University
Francisco Javier ACUÑA LLAMAS, Mexico: Processing of Electronic Documents at the INAI: Preservation of E-Mails and of Information Posted on Social Network Institutional Accounts and Its Contribution to Transparency
Thi Hoa DOAN, Vietnam: The Current Legal Provisions an Electronic Documents and Electronic Document Archives in Vietnam
Monica MARTIGNON, Italy: The Digital Archive at University Iuav of Venice: Electronic Invoices and Digital Decrees
Mikhail V. LARIN, Russia: Theory and Practice of Electronic Records’ Archival Storage
Christian KRUSE, Germany: All with one Aim in Mind: Cooperation at Federal Level in the Field of Digital Archiving
Vlatka LEMIĆ, Croatia: Croatian Archives and Electronic Records: Actualities and Development Trends
Tatjana HAJTNIK, Slovenia: Establishment of a national e-archive: here’s the challenge – how would we address it?
Ngoc Linh NGUYENThi Van Thuy TRAN, Vietnam: Current Situation and Solutions to Handling Archival Records in Digital Format
Bogdan-Florin POPOVICI, Romania: Besides Standards and Automation: an Experience with Census Databases
Andrei RYBAKOU, Belarus: Digitally Born Records: Acquisition, Long-Term Preservation and Confirmation of Long-Term Legal Validity
Zdenka SEMLIC RAJH, Slovenia: When Archivists and Librariens Collide: Managing Born Digital Records
Patricia ENGEL, Austria: Systemic Thinking in Conservation Theory
Azem KOŽAR, Bosnia and Herzegovina: New Educational Paradigm of Archival Employees in Transitional Countries
Aleksander LAVRENČIČ, Slovenia: Archival Processing of Born Digital Records in the Archives of TV Slovenia
Aida SKORO BABIC: Slovenia: Modern approaches to the pedagogic processes in archival science in the context of electronic archiving

Tuesday, October 17th, 9.00

Topic 2: The archivists training in the 21st Century

Grazia TATÒ, Italy: Which manual for the 21st century?
Pétria DE VAAL-SENEKAL, South Africa: The Art of Facilitating Archiving Workshops in South Africa, in Order to Develop Skills in the Archival Profession Accommodating Unique Challenges
Cristina BIANCHI, Switerland: Swiss Competency Model for the Archivist of the 21st Century
Flavio CARBONEFrancesca NEMORE, Italy: Where they Create Archivists: from the Parchment to Bits
Elisabeth SCHÖGGL-ERNST, Austria: The Non-University Education of Archival Staff in Austria
Yolanda CAGIGAS OCEJO, Spain: The Official University Masters on Archives and Document Management in Spain course 2017/18
Ana-Felicia DIACONU, Romania: Training of Archivists in Romania: Challenges, Limits and Perspectives
Željka DMITRUS, Croatia: Studiing Modern Archival Science in Croatia
Marija GRABNARJedert VODOPIVEC TOMAŽIČ, Slovenia: Education in the Field of Preservation and Conservation of Archival Heritage in Slovenia
Cleophas AMBIRA, Kenya: Nurturing Professional Talent in Records and Archives Management in Kenya
Antonio MONTEDURO, Italia: Ten Years After: IIAS Autumn Archival School
Elena ROMANOVA, Russia: Professional Training and Retraining of Archivists in the All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute for Documentation and Archives (VNIIDAD)
Jelka MELIKMateja JERAJ, Slovenia: Archivists: Occupation or Profession
Branka DOKNIĆ, Serbia: Archivists and 21st Century: How Ready Are Archivists for the Achievements of 21st Century
Abdulmoshin Said Al HINAI, Oman Sultanat: Training of Archivists in 21th Century
Magdalena MAROSZ, Poland: Professional Competence of an Archivist: Changes that Can Be Expected
Jozef HANUSKatarína VIZÁROVÁRadko TIŇOMilena REHÁKOVÁNina LALÍKOVÁEmília HANUSOVÁ, Slovak Republic: Education and Research: an Inevitable Requirement for Heritage Preservation in Cultural Memory Institutions
Alizata KOUDA, Burkina Faso: E-Administration in Burkina Faso: What Type of Training for Data Managers?
Maryna PALIIENKO, Ukraine: Archival Studies in Ukraine: Between Tradition and Challenges of Information Era
Svetlana PEROVIĆ IVOVIĆ, Serbia: Requests of the Modern Archives in Serbia and Training of Experts in the Field of Presentation of the Cultural Heritage
Tibor Csaba REISZ, Hungary: Education of Archivists in Hungary at the Beginning of the 21st Century
Jonathan RHYS-LEWIS, Great Britain: Teaching Preservation to Students Archivists at University College London
Thi Loan TRANThi Ngoc Mai NGUYEN, Vietnam: The Process of Handling Materials Before Digitizing the Heritage of Woodblocks of Vinh Nghiem Pagoda
Omer ZULIĆ, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Importance of Educating Archival Personnel: Experiences of the Archive of Tuzla Canton
Marie RYANTOVÁ, Czech Republic: Training of Archivists in the 21st Century: Some Reflections
Jovan P. POPOVIĆ, Serbia: Archival Staff and Education of Archivists with an Emphasis on Planning and Implementation in the Republic of Serbia

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