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On October 22nd and 23rd, 2012, the annual event organized by the International Institute for Archival Science of Trieste and Maribor, the 22nd International Archival Day will take place. The venue will be, as in the past, the proven conference room at the NH Hotel (7 Corso Cavour – Trieste). The topics set out by the Assembly of the Members of the IIAS are: 1) Modern archive buildings; and 2) Management of records in the new media. As in the past, the conference is part of the IIAS Autumn Archival School, which this year is in  its 6th edition.

22th -23th October 2012


1) Modern Archival Buildings
2) The Management of Records in New Media

English, Italian, Slovenian

Dates and Venue
October 22th-23th, NH Hoteles (Trieste, 7 c. Cavour)


Monday, October 22th
9.00 – Opening – Authoritie’s Greetings – Introduction to the Meeting

Peter Pavel KLASINC (Slovenia), Director of the IIAS
Grazia TATÒ (Italy), Former director of the State Archive of Trieste
Mauro TOSTI CROCE (Italy), President of the Assembly of the IIAS: Welcome address
Franci DEMŠAR (Slovenia), Director of the Slovenian Research Agency, Ljubljana: Welcome address
Nerio NESLADEK (Italy), Mayor of Muggia
Francesco PERONI (Italy), Rector of the University of Trieste

Report from IIAS

Peter Pavel KLASINC (Slovenia), Director of the IIAS: Activities of the International Institute for Archival Science, Trieste – Maribor during October 2011 to October 2012
Charles KECKSEMETI (France), Former General Director of ICA: Summary of the papers presented at the 2011 Conference of IIAS and published in “Atlanti” 2011
Patricija JANKOVIC (Slovenia): Public Admission of Archival Studies in Slovenia: from Utopia to Reality

Topic 1: Modern Archival Buildings

Peter Pavel KLASINC (Slovenia): New or Adapted Archive Buildings: Today and Tomorrow
Josef HANUS – Emília HANUSOVÁ (Slovak Republik): Appropriate Archival Building: Necessity for Proper Function of Any Archives
Snežana PEJOVIC – Aleksandra KAPETANOVIC (Montenegro): Kotor Historical Archives Inside a Heritage Building. Advantages and Disadvantages
Elisabeth SCHÖGGL-ERNST (Austria): New and New Adapted Archival Buildings in Austria
Jedert VODOPIVEC TOMAŽIC (Slovenia): Results of the Risk Assessment in Archival Repositories
Vladimir OPELA – Michal WANNER (Czec Republik): New Buildings of the National Film Archives in Prague
Christian KRUSE (Germany): New Buildings, Adaptations, Passive Houses. Archival Buildings in Germany in the Recent Past
Azem KOŽAR (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Archival Objects in Bosnia and Herzegovina: (Current) State and Prospects

13.30-14.30 Lunch

Sejdalija GUŠIC (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Wartime Destructions, and Post-War Revitalization and Adaptations of the Facilities of Historical Archive Sarajevo
Zdenka SEMLIC RAJH (Slovenia): Archival Buildings in Slovenia
Refike SÜLÇEVSI (Kosovo): Archival Buildings in Kosovo
Danijela BRANKOVIC (Serbia): The Archives of Vojvodina: Archive Building, Space and Equipment in the Funktion of Protecting of Archival Material
Jasmina NIKOLIC (Serbia): Sustained Vision, a View from the Historical Archive of Pozarevac, Serbia
Jovan P. POPOVIC (Serbia): Legal and Archival Regulations on Building a New Archival Facility or Adaptation of Existing Ones
Izet ŠABOTIC (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Protection of Arhival Material Inside Archival Building Located in Sinking Zone: Experiences of the Archive in Tuzla
Andrea MEVORACH – Stefania RUFFA (Italia): Presentation of Real Estate Fund “Lucrezio”: “Turnkey” High-tech Archives

Tuesday, October 23th

Topic 2: The management of records in new media

Grazia TATÒ (Italy): New Media or New Archivists?
Gianni PENZO DORIA (Italy): Impact on Document Management of Administrative Streamlining
Yolanda CAGIGAS OCEJO (Spain): The Role of Professional Associations in the Training on the Management of Electronic Records
Aurélien CONRAUX (France): From Information to Progress: How an Audit of Electronic Information Management May Contribute to the Overall Efficiency of an Organization
Robert NAHUET (Canada): The Use of Thematic Research Guide for Resource Discovery
Miroslav NOVAK (Slovenia): Relationship and Impact of the Record Management Systems in to the Archival Information Systems
Spyridoula ARATHYMOU (Greek): Long Life Training for Archivists. A Present and Future Challenge
Andreia NOVO – Ema RAMALHEIRA ROCHA – Leonor CALVÃO BORGES (Portugal): Describing and Preserving Documents in a Museum’s Archive: a Multidisciplinary Approach to Integration, Digitization and Availability of Electronic Records in the National Museum of Ancient Art
Catherine HOBBS (Canada): Interpreting Personal Digital Contexts in Light of Behaviour and Mindset: Approaches and Strategies

13.30-14.30 Lunch

Lauri LEHT (Estonia): Helping Archivists to Receive Records From ERMS into the Digital Archive Using Semi-automated Adjustable Software
Magdalena MAROSZ (Poland): Archive of Electronic Documents and Electronic Archives Management
Cristina BIANCHI (Switzerland): A Summary of International Archival Practice Adapted to Local Level: Practical Manual Explaining the Basics of Implementing Records Management in Small Municipalities
Sergey V. SILKOV (Belarus): Creation of Terminological Resources for Record Management, Terminology Science and Information Retrieval As Well As Terminological Dictionary
Antonio MONTEDURO (Italy): The ICA Principles of Access to Archives

Round table and discussion
16.00 closing session

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