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Conference 2007

Welcome address

Antonio DENTONI LITTA (MBAC – Dipartimento per i Beni archivistici e librari, Italy), Welcome address
Antonio MONTEDURO (CEI-Center European Initiative, Italy), Welcome address
Josef RIEGLER (Steiermärkisches Landesarchiv, Austria), Welcome address
Peter Pavel KLASINC (IIAS, Slovenia), Welcome address

Electronic Records

Robert NAHUET (Archival Records & Special Collection Branch Library and Archives Canada, Canada), The Management of Textual Digital Archives: a Canadian Perspective Library and Archives Canada and Federal Government Institutions
Iryna MATYASH (Ukrainian Scientific Research Institution of Archives and Document Studies, Ukraine), Electronic Archives in Ukraine Now and in Perspective
Michael LARIN (VNIIDAD Moscow, Russia), Electronic Records in the Russian Archives: Theoretical and Methodical Aspects
Meena GAUTAM (National Archivie of India, India), Electronic Records Management – Challenges and Issues. A Case Study: National Archives of India
Branko BUBENIK (Croazia), Audiovisual Documentation Preservation
Jozef HANUS (Slovak National Archives, Slovak Republic) – Monika PÉKOVÁ (Slovak National Archives, Slovak Republic), Electronic Records and Archives: Situation in Archives of the Slovak Republic
Duša KRNEL-UMEK (Pokrajinski arhiv Koper, Slovenia), The Importance of the Archive in Preservation of Electronic Records in Slovenia
Karl-Ernst LUPPRIAN (Generaldirektion der Staatlichen Archive Bayerns, Germany), The Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standard (METS) for the Description of Digitized and Born Digital Objects

Report from IIAS Archival Autumn School

Antonio MONTEDURO (CEI-Center European Initiative, Italy), The IIAS Dictionary of Archival Terminology. Online Edition and Short Edition

Privat Archive

Peter Pavel KLASINC (IIAS, Slovenia), Private Archives in Archival Theory and Practice
Grazia TATÒ (Archivio di Stato di Trieste, Italy), Private Archives in Italy
Antonio RATTI (Archivio Storico INA, Italy), Historical Archives Contribution to the Study of Architecture in the Mediterranean Area
Michelle ELLIGOTT (Museum of Modern Art, USA), Private Papers – Public Art
Jovan POPOVIC (Serbia), Private Archives in the Archival Legislation of the South European Countries
Andrei RYBAKOU (BelNIIDAD, Belarus), Legal Regulation and the State Archival Service Control of Private Archives Activities in Belarus
Sergey GLUSHAKOV (Open Society Archives, Hungary), Public Email Archive
Marijan GERDEJ (IIAS, Slovenia), Elements of Private Archives in Former Industrial Undertakings
Marie-Claude DELMAS (Centre historique des Archives nationales, France), Private Archives in the French Legislation
Magdalena MAROSZ (State Archive in Cracow, Poland), Protection of State Archival Materials Kept in Private Archives
Francisco Javier AGUADO GONZALEZ (ABC Madrid, Spain), Private Archives in Spain: Legislation and Dissemination
Živana HEĐBELI (Office of General Administration Service of the Croazian Parliament and the Government of the Republic of Croazia, head of Registry Office, Croazia), Private Archival Records in Croatia and Non-Governmental Organizations’ Initiative
Moshe MOSSEK (Israel State Archives, Israel) – Ilana BUDOWSKI (Israel State Archives, Israel), Private Papers and Archives in Israel: Professional and Legal Aspect
Roberto GUARASCI (Italy), Archives and Information System in Democrazia Cristiana 1943-1993
Spyridoula ARATHYMOU (Institute for Neohellenic Research, Greece), Historical Industrial Archives. The Greek Case
Joachim DERWAEL (Belgium), Evolution of the Ideas on Registration, Acquisition and Valorisation of Business Archives in the National Archives of Belgium
Elisabeth SCHÖGGL-ERNST (Steiermärkisches Landesarchiv, Austria), Private Archives – Private Companies – Privated Sectors. Probelms of Saving Archival Documents
Snežana PEJOVIĆ (Archiv Kotor, Montenegro), Private Archives in Transition Conditions: Problem of Control, Protection and Accessibility of Private Archives in Montenegro
Azem KOŽAR (Filozofski fakultet Univerziteta u Tuzli, Bosnia-Herzegovina), Archive of the Religious Communities in Transitional Countries


Massimo COLOMBO (Metis Group, Italia), Metis: Italian Technology for the worldwide Cultural
In memoriam Mag. Martin Modrušan

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