IIAS Conference 2003 - reports list



Ivan ROZMAN (Slovenia), Preface
Peter Pavel KLASINC (IIAS, Slovenia), Editorial remarks

Legal questions

Helmut BAIER (Evang.-Lutheranische Kirche in Bayern Archive, Germany), Compatibility of archival theory and practice in European Union
Grazia TAT (Archivio di Stato di Trieste, Italy), Legal effectiveness of dematerialized records
Karl-Ernst LUPPRIAN (Generaldirektion der Staatlichen Archive Bayerns, Germany), Metadata requirements for archiving of digital records
Tom A. ADAMI (Rwanda) - Khamis S. KHAMIS (Rwanda), Legal record-keeping in an African context - The Rwandan genocide
Michail V. LARIN (VNIIDAD Moscow, Russia), Electronic records in Russian archives
Yael KATZ-MASTBAUM (Israel), On computer world, legislation and archives
Martin F. POLASCHEK (Austria), Quod non est in actis non est in mundo. A legal validity of digital records

Informatics and archival science

Jozef HANUS (Slovak National Archives, Slovak Republik), Archives and information science
Peter Pavel KLASINC (IIAS, Slovenia), Compatibility between archival and information science. Let the archivist be a computer specialist
Sneana PEJOVIĆ (Archiv Kotor, Montenegro), Information sciences and historical archives
Antonio RATTI (Archivio Storico INA, Italy), Archives as a source for business communication: the case of INA
Ugo COVA (Archivio di Stato di Trieste, Italy), Archives and information in Italy
Francisco Javier AGUADO GONZALEZ (ABC Madrid, Spagna): Information retrieval on newspaper archives: the documentary languages


Maksimiljan GERKE (Slovenia), Electronic archives of scientific and professional documents
Jennifer GATHINGS (USA), What can archives learn from libraries about the reference interview?
Azem KOAR (Filozofski fakultet Univerziteta u Tuzli, Bosnia-Herzegovina), Historiographic attitude towards archival storage
Josef RIEGLER (Steiermrkisches Landesarchiv Graz, Austria), Digitalization of medieval charts
Raul RIOS (Genealogical Society of Uthat Europe, Chile), 110 years of Genealogical Society of Utah

The section of archives of churches and religious denominations ICA/SKR

Helmut BAIER (Evang.-Lutheranische Kirche in Bayern Archive,Germany), International church archives activity: The Section of Archives of Churches and Religious Denominations in the ICA
Herbert W. WURSTER, The historical population data base of the Catholic Diocese of Passau, Germany
Elisabeth WITTMAN, Reflections on American Lutheran Archives sources related to post-world war II Eastern Europe
Peter Pavel KLASINC (IIAS, Slovenia), The role and the importance of the church archives and of the archives in religious communities
Jan C. M. van HAASTRECHT, Public records in the Netherlands
Igor FILIPIČ, The Roman Catholic diocesan archives in Slovenia