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IIAS Conference 2006 - reports list

Welcome address

Antonio DENTONI LITTA (MBAC - Dipartimento per i Beni archivistici e librari, Italy), Indirizzo di saluto
Antonio MONTEDURO (CEI-Center European Initiative, Italy), CEI e le attivit di cooperazione del CEI
Peter KOKOL (Univerza v Mariboru, Slovenia)
Maria Teresa BASSA POROPAT (Provincia di Trieste, Italy)
Deana KOVAČEC (Hrvatsko arhivističko drutvo, Croazia)


Peter Pavel KLASINC (IIAS, Slovenia), IIAS of Trieste and Maribor 2005-2006

Archival Ethics

Grazia TAT (Archivio di Stato di Trieste, Italy), The Italian Code of Ethics and Good Governance for the Management of Personal Data for Historical Purpouse
ivana HEĐBELI (Office of General Administration Service of the Croazian Parliament and the Government of the Republic of Croazia, head of Registry Office, Croazia), Why I am (Not) Proud to be the Archivist
Sneana PEJOVIĆ (Archiv Kotor, Montenegro), Archival Legislation and New Social and Technological Changes (Montenegrin Experiences)
Margaret PROCTER (Liverpool University Centre for Archives Studies, England), The Need for Archival Legislation in a Policy-Led Environment: The Case of English Local Authority Service
Francisco Javier AGUADO GONZALEZ (ABC Madrid, Spain), The Archives in Mass media: The Controversy about the National Archive of the Spanish Civil War in Salamanca
Dua KRNEL-UMEK (Pokrajinski arhiv Koper, Slovenia), The New Legislation on Archives in Slovenia and The Question of Ethics
Benjamin HASPEL (Tel Aviv University Archive, Israel), Ethical Issues Faced by The Archivist While Working On Personal Archives
Magdalena MAROSZ (State Archive in Cracow, Poland), Polish Legal Regulations Concerning Providing The Access to Archival Materials in The State Archives. Ethical and Legal Issues
Iryna MATYASH (Ukrainian Scientific Research Institution of Archives and Document Studies, Ukraine), Archivist Ethics: Understanding Components, Displayed in International Code (1996) and Projection of Practical Activity
Elisabeth SCHGGL-ERNST (Steiermrkisches Landesarchiv, Austria), Data Protection Legislation and The Code of Ethics for Archivistsfileadmin/atti/2006/schoggl.swf

Digital Video Archives

Peter Pavel KLASINC (IIAS, Slovenia), Audiovisual Records - from Simple to Professional Services
Marcello SCRIGNAR - Carmelo BIANCO (Archivio di Stato di Trieste, Italy), Non Conventional Records: The Multimedia Archive of Radio Tele Antenna at The State Archive of Trieste
Franc KRINAR - Jasna VIDAKOVIČ (Intitut Klasbenoinformacijskih Znanosti, Slovenia), A Meaning Discographie and Electronic Medias in Today Music Culture and Their Protection
Karl-Ernst LUPPRIAN (Generaldirektion der Staatlichen Archive Bayerns, Germany), Archiving Audiovisual Records
Heinrich KRANZELBINDER (Steiermrkisches Landesarchiv, Austria), The Studio for Reprography and Conversion of Media at The Regional Archives of Styria. Experiences and Perspectives
Robert NAHUET (Archival Records & Special Collection Branch Library and Archives Canada, Canada), Creation, Description and Access to Photographic Archives: The Digital Challenge and the Use of Metadata
Willy PREMZL (Univerza v Mariboru, Slovenia), Archival Buildings - Planning and Design
Jozef HANUS (Slovak National Archives, Repubblica Slovacca), Legislative Provisions and Ethics - Proper Basis for Preservation of Archives
Michael LARIN (VNIIDAD Moscow, Russia), The Russian Methods of Audio-Visual Records Selection for Permanent Archival Storage
Marijan GERDEJ (IIAS, Slovenia), The Role and Significance of Classical and Audio-Visual Records in Archival and Documentary Records in Industrial Undertakings


Azem KOAR (Filozofski fakultet Univerziteta u Tuzli, Bosnia-Herzegovina), Archives Administration as Integral Science
Leonardo MUSCI (Coordinamento Archivi del Novecento Consorzio BAIRC Sistema Cultura, Italy), Archivi del Novecento: a project in progress, a software in evolution
Zdenka SEMLIČ RAJH (Slovenia), Access to Archives Modern Legislation and Regulations