MATJASH Borisovna Irina


MATYASH Irina Borisovna is PhD of History, professor, director of the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute on Archives and Document Studies. She was born on April, 18, 1961 in town Priluki Chernigov district. Now she lives in Kiev. In 1983 she has graduated with honors from Kiev Taras Shevchenko State University.
She has been engaged in archival system from January 1995, she was one of developers of the Institute activities conception and its organizers, she is head of the specialized council on defence of candidate thesis. She is editor-in-chief of Institute scientific editions: “Studii z arhivnoj spravy ta documentoznavstva”, “Pam’yatky”; serial edition “Istoriya arhivnoi spravy: spogady, doslidzhennya, dzherela”; interagency scientific collection “Arhivoznavstvo. Arheografiya. Dzhereloznavstvo”; member of editorial board of Ukrainian and foreign scientific magazines; head and member of organizational committees of archival conferences 1996-2005.
She is Vice-President of the Ukrainian Biographic Society, member of the Ukrainian Scientific Society, the Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society in L’vov, the First Assistant of Head of Society of Archivists of Ukraine (from 1999), member of the State Committee of Archives of Ukraine Board (from 2002), member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.
She is winner of N. Kostomarov prize of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine (2001).
The scientific interests – general history of archives, preservation of archival heritage in crisis conditions, history of archival science and education in Ukraine, history of repressions in Ukraine, biografistika, bibliology, mythology of peoples of the world. I. M. is a head of the author’s group of developers of the Conception of training and postgraduate education specialists for archival institutions of Ukraine. Under her editorship textbooks for students of history faculties of higher educational institutions “Arhivoznavstvo: Course for students of higher educational institutions” (2002); “Studies of archives management history in Ukraine” (2002); “Reader on arhivoznavstvo” (2003) have been published.
She is author of more than 300 publications in Ukrainian and foreign editions including monographs: “Kateryna Grushevska: biography, bibliography, archives” (1997), “The Ukrainian archival periodicals 1920-1930: history, bibliography, bibliometriya” (1999), “Archival science and education in Ukraine 1920-1930” (2000), “Person in Ukrainian archivistiques” (2001), “The star of the first value: biography of Kateryna Grushevska” (2002) and others.

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