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International Institute for the Archival Science Trieste (Italy) – Maribor (Slovenia)

We invite you to participate in the 15th International Autumn Archival School (ONLINE), organized by the International Institute for the Archival Science Trieste (Italy) – Maribor (Slovenia) in cooperation with Alma Mater Europaea Maribor, Slovenia, which will take place from 29th November to 4th December 2021.

The program will be focused on
Archives and Users: New Challenges and New Relationships, Archives and the Changes of Appraisal Practices and
*Workshop: Modern methods in archival professional and research work.

Between the 29th and 30th November 2021, the 15th International Autumn Archival School attendees will participate in the 31st conference, “International Archival Day.

From 1st to 4th December 2021, the Archival school will be held according to the program below. The lectures and workshops will be run by qualified and experienced archivists and accredited university professors of archival studies.

Monday, November 29, 2021
10.00 Participation in the 31st conference International Archival Day

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

10.00 Participation in the 31st conference International Archival Day

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

– 10.00-10.30 the beginning of the archival school – the opening by prof. dr. Peter Pavel Klasinc, greetings by prof. dr. Grazia Tatò
– 10.30-11.00 Self-presentation of the participants

Archives and Users

– 11.00-11.30 Dieter SCHLENKER: Next Generation Europeans – Archival Education Programmes for Young Learners
– 11.30-12.15 Dimitri BRUNETTI: The Italian Guidelines on the Creation, Management and Conservation of Digital Documents: Obligations and Opportunities
– 12.15-13.00 Stefano ALLEGREZZA: The Italian Guidelines on Creation, Management and Preservation of Digital Records: a Quantitative Methodology for File Formats Evaluation
– 13.00-13.45 Pavlina BOBIČ: Archives and Users Today
– *13.45-14.15 Markus SCHMALZL: New Aspects of Making Archival Material Accessible and Using IT
– 16.00-17.30 Antonio MONTEDURO: Dictionary-Dizionario Archivistico Internazionale (Workshop)

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Appraisal of the Archival Records

– 10.00-11.00 Marco CAVIETTI: In Search for Our History. Antenati: a Project for Providing Digital Access to the Genealogical Sources from the Italian State Archives
– 11.00-11.30 Bogdan Florin POPOVICI: Some Considerations on Archival Appraisal for Permanent Records in Romania
– 11.30-12.30 Matevž KOŠIR: Modern Archival Paradigm
– 12.30-13.00 Pekka HENTTONEN: Development of Finnish Archival Appraisal
– 13.00-13.30 Elena ROMANOVA: Retention Periods: their Legal Basis, Role and Challenges in Practice. Russian Experience
– 13.30-14.00 Sarvesh SINGH: Archives and the Challenges of Appraisal Practices

Friday, December 3, 2021

Digital Transformation in Archives

– 10.00-10.45 Zdenka Semlič Rajh: Archives and Users in the Era of Digital Transformation
– 10.45-11.15 Raffaele Pittella: Information Technologies Applied to Historical Archives
– 11.15-11.45 Boštjan DORNIK: The Influence of Television Playout Systems on Quality Professional Processing of Television Documentary and Archival Material
– 11.45-12.15 Aida ŠKORO BABIĆ: Digitalization in Slovenian Legislation
– 12.15-12.45 Robert PARNICA: Digital Curated Collections and Invisible Users in the Time of Disintermediation
– 12.45-13.10 Dimitrij REJA: Possibilities of Synergistic Effects of Artificial Intelligence and Metadata
– 13.10-15.00 Workshop: Modern Methods in Archival Professional and Research Work
Miroslav NOVAK: Introduction to the Development and Implementation of Modern Methods of Archival Professional Work
Tina PLEVNIK: Swot Analysis in Archival Theory and Practice
Boštjan DORNIK: Delphi Method in Archival Professional and Research Work
Luka HRIBAR: Methodological Aspects of Conducting an Online Survey – Challenges and Opportunities

Saturday, December 4, 2021

– 10.00-10.30 Karen TRIVETTE: The St(ar) of the Show: Embracing Augmented Reality to Build Relationships Between Archives and Researchers
– 10.30-11.00 Špela SEČNIK: Comparison of Cultural Heritage Acquisition Procedures in Slovenian Museum and Archival Theory and Practice
– 11.00 Diplomas for participants of Archival school and conclusion of the IIAS conference

Participants are expected to have passive knowledge of English and proficiency in the processes of keeping archival documents in both classical and electronic forms.
The participation fee is 480,00 € (=four hundred and eighty). You can pay via bank transfer (name of bank account: Istituto Internazionale di Scienze Archivistiche di Trieste e Maribor; bank: Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Staranzano e Villesse – Bank account: 00348232 – IBAN code: IT85A0887702200000000348232 – BIC code: ICRAITRRODO).

Please send your application to this email address: and
After we receive your applicationa and information about the payment of the course, we will send you a link to the ZOOM channel, where the Archival school will be held.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Prof. dr. Grazia TATÒ
(Director of the IIAS Autumn Archival School)

Prof. dr. Peter Pavel Klasinc
(Director of the IIAS)

**The organizer reserves the right to change the venue, date, and time and modify the program of the IIAS Autumn Archival School.

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