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Issue 29(2019) n. 1
Issue 29(2019) n. 2


Volume 1: Questions of Archival Sciences

Peter Pavel KLASINC, Slovenia: Archival Science and the Answers to Social Transformations in Archival Theory and Practice: the Current Situation
Elena ROMANOVA, Russia: Archival Science: Bridges Between Tradition and Innovation
Jelka MELIK, Slovenia: The Archivist: the Guardian of Human Rightsi
Živana HEĐBELI, Croatia: Why Choose the Archival Profession Why Become, Be and Remain an Archivist?
Miroslav NOVAK, Slovenia: Identifying, Reacting and Connecting: on the Knowledge and Skills Needed for Modern Managing of Archival and Documentary Material
Mikhail LARIN, Russia: Electronic Documents in Archiving: a Theoretical Aspect
István HEGEDUS, Hungary: Public Collection Digitization Strategy of Hungary and Its Impact to the National Archives of Hungary
Elisabeth SCHÖGGL-ERNST, Austria: The Development of Archival Science Reflecting to the Scientific Training in Austria
Tijana RUPČIĆ, Serbia: Archival Science in University Study Programs in the Republic of Serbia
Manja KONKOLIČ, Slovenia: Protecting Archival Records in the Republic of Slovenia

Volume 2: Resonances of Social Changes in Archival Theory and Practice

Peter Pavel KLASINC, Slovenia: Archival Science in Storms
Andrei RYBAKOU, Belarus: Influence of Modern Information Technologies on the Views on the Basic Object of Archival Science
Pavlina BOBIČ, Slovenia: Access to Archives, Access to Knowledge
Azem KOŽAR, Bosna and Hercegovina: The Influence of Social Changes on the Status Position of the Archives and the Development of the Archival Activity of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1990-2018)
Stefano ALLEGREZZA, Italy: The Importance of Personal and Family Digital Archives for a New Perception of the Archival Discipline
Aleksander LAVRENČIČ, Slovenia: Archival Science/Archivology and Audio-Visual Archives or Audio-Visual Archives and Archival Science/Archivology
Bogdan-Florin POPOVICI, Romania: Challenging the Archival Arrangement
Grazia TATÒ, Italy: Archives and the Society
Magdalena MAROSZ, Poland: The Role of Social Communication in Modern Archive Management. An Attempt at Outlining the Archive–Researcher–Collective Dynamic in the Context of the Interdependence Between History and Myth
Maryna PALIIENKO, Ukraine: Socio-Cultural Mission of the Archives and New Strategies for Archival Management
Markus SCHMALZL, Germany: New Challenges for the Principle of Provenance in the Digital World?
Mojca KOSI, Slovenia: Project E-ARH.SI 2016 – 2020: Solutions for Vulnerable Groups
Aliya MUSTAFINA, Kazakhstan: Creation of the E-Archive in Kazakhstan

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