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32nd International Archival Day 2022

International Institute for the archival science Trieste/Italy – Maribor/Slovenia,
Alma Mater Europaea – ECM/Archival studies,
State Archives of Trieste, University of Maribor and
Slovenian Research Agency
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32nd Conference “International Archival Day” 2022
10th–11th October 2022
(every day between 10.00 – 16.00 (GMT+1)


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Monday, October 10, 2022

10.00 The beginning of the conference

Welcome speeches
Peter Pavel KLASINC, Slovenia (Director of the International Institute for Archival Science Trieste-Maribor (IIAS) and Head of the departments of the Archival Science at Alma Mater Europaea)
Grazia TATÒ, Italy (Deputy director of the IIAS and Director of the IIAS Autumn Archival School)
Dieter SCHLENKER, Italy (Director of the Historical Archives of the European Union in Florence)
Charles FARRUGIA, Malta (Director of National Archives of Malta, President of EURBI)
Antonietta COLOMBATTI, Italy (Director of State Archives in Trieste)
Ludvik TOPLAK, Slovenia (President of Alma Mater Europaea – European Centre of Maribor)
Bojan CVELFAR, Slovenia (Director of National Archives of Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Culture)
Aleš JAMBREK, Slovenia (President of the Archival society of Slovenia)

10.40 Peter Pavel Klasinc, Slovenia: Introductory thinking.
10.45 Hrvoje Stančić, Croatia: New computational initiatives and new technologies in the archives – (re)shaping the future of collaboration.
11.00 Jelka Melik, Slovenia: A collective memory – opportunity and danger for archives.
11.15 Eric Ketelar, The Netherlands: Archiving Culture.
11.30 Zdenka Semlič Rajh, Slovenia: Building Partnership and Collaboration between Cultural Heritage Institutions.
11.45 Marie Ryantova, Czech Republic: Archival collaboration of Czech archives within Central Europe.
12.00 Grazia Tatò, Italy: Are archives harmless historical sources?.

12.15 Coffee break

12.30 Stefano Allegrezza, Italy: The InterPARES TrustAI Project: an international collaboration in Artificial Intelligence for Trust in Records and Archives.
12.45 Magdalena Marosz, Poland: Shaping collective memory – between facts and illusions.
13.00 Živana Hedbeli, Nikola Mokrović, Croatia: What is our job, anyway?.
13.15 Gianni Penzo Doria, Italy: The Archives and the principle of the function exercised.
13.30 Elisabeth Schögel Ernst, Austria: Cooperation between the associations of archivists in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland in questions of appraisal.
13.45 Nina Sotelšek, Slovenia: Virtual exhibition as a form of preservation of knowledge and collective identity.
14.00 Adriano Buzzanca, Italy: Cultural bond underlying the conservation and enhancement of historical memory.
14.15 Discussion.

16.00 You are kindly invited to the General Assembly of IIAS members and guests (on the basis of a special invitation).

Thursday, October 11, 2022

10.00 Dimitri Brunetti, Italy: Safeguarding municipal archives in defining local collective memory.
10.15 Antonietta Colombatti, Italy: Archives in shaping a collective memory in a seaside city: the “maritime” archival collections in the State Archives of Trieste.
10.30 Snežana Pejović, Montenegro: Archives in valorisation of intangible cultural heritage. Example of a collection of documents on “Boka Navy 809-2022” and its inscription on the UNESCO List.
10.45 Azem Kožar, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Incorporation of the Archival Service and Archivists of Bosnia and Herzegovina into International Archives (1995-2021).
11.00 Bogdan Popovici, Romania: Facets of archival memory. Between legal and historical perspectives.
11.15 Markus Schmalz, Germany: Archive in internationalen Kooperationsprojekten am Beispiel des Aufbaus einer grenzüberschreitenden digitalen Heimatkunde für Bayern und Tschechien.
11.30 Svetlana Usprcova, Macedonia: The archival collaboration of the State Archives of the Republic of North Macedonia on an international level in science, education, and usage.
11.45 Aliya Mustafina, Kazakhstan: About the experience of dual training of archivists for collective memory.
12.00 Dieter Schlenker, Italy – HAEU: How Archives contribute to the formation of a common European memory and identity?.

12.15 Coffee break

12.30 Pekka Henttonen, Finland: Inaccessible memory? Digital archives and freedom of information.
12.45 Ildikó Szerényi, Hungary: Indexing using artificial intelligence and involving volunteers at the National Archives of Hungary (NAH).
13.00 Romina Dušić, Croatia: A Quest for New Digital-to-Analogue Archival Solutions.
13.15 Aleksander Lavrenčič, Slovenia: Archival materials of Radiotelevision Slovenia ist important for national identity.
13.30 Karen Trivette, USA: Archival Science? Existential Questions and Proposed Answers.
13.45 Luka Hribar, Slovenia: Artificial intelligence and image processing.
14.00 Ameera AL Hoti, Oman: Archives in shaping collective memory.
14.15 Discussion and conclusion of the 32st IIAS conference.

The organiser reserves the right to change the program of the conference.


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